difficult child II loses it at Grad party

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by amazeofgrace, Jun 22, 2008.

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    I dread those memories of difficult child 2 over stimulated. Today, my difficult child mimicked some of his behaviors of past and I almost puked.

    What about Lithium????
    Your difficult child 2 needs something, right? This regimen is not working.
  3. WhymeMom?

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    Sometimes the party just lasts too long and difficult children can't hold out that long......sorry for the meltdown......at least 17 yr. old didn't join in for a double melt.......hope you can start fresh tomorrow......
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    Sorry for the meltdown. HUGS!! It does sound like he'd had all he could and then- well, snap- we've all been there. It always seems to happen when we REALLY wish it wouldn't.

    Try to relax- enjoy the evening. Help him relax some so he can sleep- and you can too!

    Here are wishes for a better day tomorrow......
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    it will be a melatonin night.
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    Lithium did wonders for difficult child last year. It still does something now, but his medications don't seem quite as effective the past few months- although that could be because of the seasonal thing. Anyway, if lithium is the right medication for your difficult child, you might be surprised at the change. I was really thinking that difficult child MUST be incontrol of a lot of his raging, until lithium completely stopped it for about 6 mos.
  8. Steely

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    It sounds like you have some amazing resources in place to help him. I am so glad you have things like partial hospital to really center your choices involving him. Texas is lack on those sort of things.......in retrospect it would have been worth moving.

    Again, hugs. I have so many vivid memories of difficult child melting down at functions like that, it is no wonder I am a recluse now. I so understand your pain.
  9. JodyS

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    What is Lithium and what do they use it for?
  10. Sara PA

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    Lithium is a mineral and the salt form is used to treat bipolar disorder.
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    Can't say I blame him for being angry. Having your property broken can be upsetting. I'd say the reasonable anger coupled with a long, hot day put him over the top. I'm sorry. It's always a shame when a good day is ruined at the end like that.

    Hope things are better now and will be better tomorrow.
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    difficult children and over-stimulation, one of the main reasons that good times go bad! I feel for you. I had to take my difficult child (he's almost 10) to a birthday party for my best friend's four year old. She would have been terribly offended if we had not come but I was terrified that he'd hit one of the little ones at the party. Luckily this did not happen but he did have at temper tantrum that was quite embarrassing because one of the four-year-olds wasn't following the rules. He does not get the idea that sometimes expectations are lower for younger kids, nor does he get the idea that it is not his business to enforce the rules. He was so over stimulated that he completely tuned me out and ran around like a lunatic. It took a bribe to get him out without a meltdown, but we survived.

    Glad things have settled down for you (tonight anyway).
  13. totoro

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    I am sorry. This is why we skip events as much as possible. if they are at our house maybe.
    I try to skip Holidays now also.
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    I remember attempting days like you had - pushing the tweedles to get through the entire celebration. I learned real quick to leave after an hour or two.

    I hope the lithium works for your difficult child & that he learns better impulse control because of it.