difficult child in DCFS Custody but haven't heard from anyone yet.

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by Jody, Aug 2, 2010.

  1. Jody

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    When in the world will I hear from a caseworker to find out what the next step is. difficult child has been calling but has to hang up immediately. She is sneaking to call and is saying she has the wrong number and says I love you, and then someone comes in the room and says I am sorry I have the wrong number and hangs up. When i went to court the investigator said someone would call me last week and nobody has and I am getting a little anxious to find out what the game plan is so that we can get to work on some of our issues so that she can get back home again. I just want to know she's okay. Does anyone know how this works, or what the generally happens?
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    Why is she in foster care? I always get puzzled when they do that...foster parents (I was one) are nothing more than another adult home with probably no more training than you have to raise your child. Why did they feel this was a good option for your daughter?
    Although I'm not sure why they are being quiet, unfortunately this is common. A lot of people complain about lack of information once a child is in the foster care system. I don't get it myself.
  3. Jody

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    I did a lock out and put her in foster care due to her uncontrollable behavior. She's been very abusinve and I need the time to work on my own mental health issues. I had a reeally good investigator who said it was a blessing in disguise and who was very kind and said we were going to get all kind of services and that I would here from the new caseworker soon, but I haven't. I know they put her in camp, and that a therapist has come to see her. I know that she is in my city and that she is getting to do a lot of activities. She went to the drive in this weekend and she has gone swimming. I guess I am just really crazy. I miss her. I don't want to be around her all the time. I'de just really like to talk to her right now to know she's okay. I am sad that we can't be together because I really do love her. I wish my depression hadn't been so bad and that I had had some money so that I could have done some of those things with her. Maybe she would have been nicer. I don't know. I can imagine the way things have been at home it hasn't been very easy for her either. Though there still is no excuse for hitting me or calling me the names that she has been. Maybe we will both learn from out time apart. I hope so. It just seems that I should know when I will see her again.
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    I'm sure you are apprehensive. I guess you'll have to trust that everything is going well....and I'm sure it is.
    Sending hugs. DDD
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    Well they called finally. I will get to see difficult child on Thursday from 5-7 or 6-8 pm and they probably won't start until next week. She said it's up to the foster mom whether she lets her call me or not, because she doesn't pay the foster mom's phone bill. I agree with her there. Sounds like difficult child will be learning some good things. I hope that i can get all my issues under control too. It seems like I know how I should be and it's right there but I just can't be normal. Ugh. I guess I just keep trying.
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    Jody, the initial placement details have to be worked out between the licensing agency, your caseworker & yourself. It can take a few weeks before things settle down to a routine in the foster home so foster mum may be enforcing rules & putting expectations into place that your difficult child will need to follow.

    I really know how hard this decision was for you. I'm so glad that you're getting help for yourself ~ if you don't you certainly will not be able to parent difficult child.