difficult child insight


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The insight of a difficult child can amaze me. We were eating lunch today, husband , me and the boys. We were having a convesation about the 2 dogs and explaining dominant female behavior, in the dogs. Anyway I looked at husband and said " corey someday Daddy will give you the code for dealing with dominant females." (wink, wink at husband)
Corey looked at me and said "yeah, surrender"
I haven't laughed that hard in months.
Thought you would enjoy a good laugh.


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No he was busy trying not to choke.
Corey then said" did I say that right?"
I couldn't answer I was doubled over.


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It's the way they come out with a killer line, and then undermine the joke by asking if they told the joke right. Or they try to explain it. We've got to the stage with difficult child 1 now, where he knows to not explain jokes. But the delivery is still with an unemotional face, so sometimes people think he's serious.