OK, so I am going to make you laugh


I apologize, but I am so severely limited on time to reply to you all and thank you, and hug you, and squeeze you (virtually) . I have a 7,8,85,90 and sick husband on my hands.

The icing on the cake was when "nut job" swallowed a ping pong ball on Christmas day. My boxer eats everything he is not supposed to eat. He inhales things, he is a nut job. He inhaled a ping pong ball Christmas day and after all else failed, we took him to the vet. He was already in distress and emergency surgery was needed. How can you put a price on that? We didn't ask, we said, "ball in play", go for it.
Little effer. This dog is highly intelligent yet dumber than a box of rocks, misguided. Oh the stories I can tell you about "Boo", little freak. Currently he is in convalescence and had me up last night at 4am in a seizure from the dang dope they gave him to keep him calm. They use to give this crapola to humans in the 50's.
So, now he is inspecting his food like a bloodhound to see if medication is hidden in it in any way shape or form. I can't even medicate him! I kid you not, he literally sniffed every part of his food for 5 minutes this morning to see if I medicated him, he looked me in the eye, sniffed again, looked me in the eye, turned to my husband, looked up on the counter, looked at his bowl, sniffed in it, around it, moved some things and ended up walking away. He is sunbathing right now and I'm hoping he'll pant enough to drink some water. I am closely watching him as it looks as tho he might be having complications. Either that or he is in pain and won't take his pain medications as he has said "no to drugs". So yeah, the big man upstairs didn't think my hands were full enough? so here I am with a sick dog, sick husband, 7 and 8 year old kids, 85 and 90 year old parents , a kid in jail who keeps calling me and a dog who is "winning" and knows it.

I named him "Boo" short for Bippity Boppity Boo on Cinderella as I had just seen Cinderella for the first time in my life with my grandaughters. I wanted to change my current pets names to Boppity and Bippity so I could just open the door and yell "Bippity Boppity Boo" and all the animals will come running. Either that or a dang carriage would appear and would carry my arse off to make-out with "Kit" and he can take me away to the castle where I deserve some well needed rest !!!

Good Day to you all as the New Year isn't "happy" yet ---
hugs - ~beebz


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I had a boxer and they are so intelligent and funny. I plan on getting another once I retire so I can spend the needed time with him/her. (at least I am hoping I can retire someday)
I want your day, week, year to be better for you. Nothing better than being content.
Peace and Love my friend...


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I laughed at your post, at how you wrote it. The fact that you can still have a modicum of humor is amazing!
Happy New Year to you!!


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I had to read your post again. I just love bippity boppity boo. LOL
It was a joy to read about your silly, stubborn Boxer again.
I hope you are feeling better this evening.

Peace and Love


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Nut job was just letting you know that he supports your desire to live with sobers. Ha! You go ahead Boo-Just Say No!


100% better than I was but not at 100% yet
LOL thanks for the laugh!

In spite of all you deal with, you can laugh and that is the best medicine for sure!!