difficult child is digging himself out


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difficult child called the temp. agency that let him go last week. He apologized and asked for another chance. He starts work on Wed. but only 16hrs/wk as opposed to 36 hrs.
One step at a time.
He stepped up and did the right thing a moved a little farther along on the road of being a young man of character as well as learning a life lesson about spouting off his mouth at work.
He knows he is being given a second chance. He can't blame anyone but himself(which he hasn't in this case) I think and hope he realizes how close he was to having a different life than he aspires to.

Humility is a good thing but character is better.
I am satisfied that he is doing what he needs to grow and do and be. So we stumble forward a little bit. :bravo:


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Oh, thank goodness!! Doesn't it make your heart proud when they finally do the right thing? I know you're thrilled with a little progress. Good for him!!!


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So nice that difficult child took the opportunity to apologize and hopefully get a second chance. Maybe easing into 16 hours as opposed to 36 will let him acclimate to long days a little more slowly.
Good luck to difficult child.


I really enjoyed reading your post. It is so nice to see your difficult child finding his way in the world. I can't even begin to imagine how happy you must be!!! You deserve to celebrate!!! Thanks for sharing such an uplifting moment!!! WFEN


Good for difficult child! Character building,life lessons are born out of initial mis-steps, if handled as well as difficult child handled this situation.

It's good to hear of the small steps to independence. I appreciate your sharing the glitches and the successes of your difficult child.He reminds me of my son. Yes, one step at a time!

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Good to hear that difficult child is trying to make amends - no matter the reason. :bravo:

It's all about the highest level of functionality (in your difficult children case, learning to get & keep a job) for our difficult children.


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I agree, Fran - one step at a time!

Maybe the 16 hour work week will be temporary and then difficult child can ease into a longer work week in the job. That would be ideal!

Thanks for posting the positive update!! :bravo:

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An awesome post to read! I wish we had the happy dance icon! Way To Go difficult child! :bravo:


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Fran, that is great news, and here's wishing him the best of luck and I hope this time he manages to keep it all together. He sounds truly motivated, which is really good.

You are one amazing warrior mom!!!

Love, Esther


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It sounds like he actually learned a lesson based on a natural consequence of losing his job. I am glad to hear that he accepted responsibility and apologized. I am really glad they are giving him a second chance. Fingers crossed that all goes well with this new job. So many of our difficult child would have had this situation and totally walked away without fighting--he recognized his problem and is working to solve it. Sending hugs that things work out for him this week.


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One small step can lead to a journey of a lifetime. I am so glad he stepped up. My difficult child has finally began to take some responsibility for his action/inaction and it is surprising to watch the man he can become take shape. I know you are proud.


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Fran that is very good news. I am glad he asked for and got a second chance. He is growing, I was reading about Aspies recently and it said that they can continue to learn social skills throughout their liftime. Here is hoping that your difficult child will cntinue to move foward and eventually be able to stand on his own. -RM