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Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by Bunny, May 2, 2012.

  1. Bunny

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    How do I know? Maybe the FIT that he just threw was the clue!

    Sorry. Didn't mean to shout there, but I am so not happy with him right now. I wanted to send him back to school today, but the fever that he spiked last night apparently didn't get the memo.

    He had lunch and I told him that when he was finished we needed to do his second nebulizer treatment. Now, in all fairness I know that he HATES using the nebulizer. It's not comfortable for him, it's noisy, he's stuck to where ever it's plugged it, although I have offered to plug it in where he would like to be in order to try to make it a little more pleasant for him to have to use it. He is sitting for his treatment and called me for the millionth time asking me if he was done. I asked him to wait a minute, but I guess he didn't hear me, (again, it's noisy and I had left the room) so he started yelling for me. I came in to the kitchen (where he was) and told him not to yell and that I had asked him to wait a minute. His treatment was done and he starts screaming at me that he's not using it any more and he doesn't care what the doctor says and that it's all my fault that he has to use it anyway because I know he hates it and I should have told the doctor that he wanted an inhaler instead, and when we go back to the doctor on Thursday I can tell the doctor that he won't use the nebulizer any more and to give him an inhaler.

    Okay. Breathe, breathe, breathe. Actually, I never thought to ask the doctor for the inhaler and I'm guessing that since he's waited three days to make any mention of it he didn't think about it, either. Then I, very calmy, told him that if he wants an inhaler HE will have to be the one to ask the doctor for it. It's not my treatment. That almost started him all over again ("What do you mean, I have to ask? You do it!"), but I told him gently, but firmly, that he was going to do the asking. I got a very terse, "Fine! You're so LAZY!" and he walked off.

    I really hope his fever stays down tonight (it goes up every late afternoon/early evening, although last night it went up a little later in the day than it has been for the last few days, so I guess that means we're moving in the right direction) because he needs to go back to school. Or, maybe more honestly, I need him to go back to school!
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    Oh I hope today is the day with no fever for both of your sakes! The whole thing sounds very unfun (like that word?).
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    Fingers crossed!
    And I admit, I didn't realize until now what you were doing ... I read nebulizer but thought "inhaler." Duh.
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    Sorry you aren't having the greatest of time but, and not sure if you know this or not, but perhaps the treatments are also contributing to his "crankiness/nastiness" too? Nebulizers/inhalers are known to sometimes have that kind of reaction with kids.

    {hugs} and hopes that things starting going on the upswing!
  5. TeDo

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    Bunny, difficult child 1's best ideas come during his rants. He doesn't think of it but then a wonderful alternative just comes blurting out that I hadn't thought of either. As for making him ask, difficult child 1 isn't able to do that with many people. It's part of his anxiety around people he doesn't know WELL, like family. The anxiety difficult child 1 goes through just thinking about asking for something like this just isn't worth it for him or me. With stuff like this, I ask while he's sitting there so he can hear the response which I usually have to explain later in a different way so he understands the answer. That's just what I do so you can take it or leave it but I had to share my perspective.