difficult child is helping me cope


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Tuesday was a very bad day, physically, for me. I over did it and was in A LOT of pain, both in my back and all the way down my leg. I had to get a few things from the store that I had been putting off so I stopped there with-my difficult child on our way home. I had to use one of the motorized scooters because walking was so painful it was all I could do to get from my car to the front door. Several times in the store my difficult child said, "Mommy, I wish your back didn't hurt so bad." He was almost a easy child at the store.

After we got home he had a few of his normal meltdowns. When it was time for bed, he laid down next to me while I was putting some papers into a 3-ring binder. Neither one of us was saying anything but out of the blue I heard him talking in a really quiet voice. I looked over and he had turned on his side, hands folded, eyes closed, and was praying. He was very quiet and I couldn't hear what he was saying, but because of our trip to the store, I knew. A few minutes later, I asked him what he was praying about. He told me he prayed, "Dear God, please make Mommy's back stop hurting...and, Dear Lord, please let Mommy take medicine that will make her quite hurting." I cried and hugged him, told him thank you for praying for me, and told him how much I loved him. This was his first solo, out loud prayer.

This came at a time when I needed it the most. I have been so stressed with his behavior lately, especially earlier that day. Since then, every time he has had a meltdown and said hateful things to me, I think of him laying there looking so sweet praying for his Mommy, and it reminds me what a sweet and loving little boy is in there. It makes it easier to remember that he has no control over his bad behavior and that he really does love me, even though he might be screaming at the time that he doesn't. :angel:


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What a sweetheart. That's one of those moments you just lock up and treasure so you can pull it out whenever you need it.