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    And I'm not sure about this.

    I know this is his first hospitalization after he turned into a legal adult but.....*shrugs* I don't know.

    We had the requisit family therapy last Friday night and that was basically the only time we talked to ANYONE! We would get updates from the nurses when we called and visited but that was pretty much it. No suggestions on programs for him afterwards, no contact with a social worker....not a single thing. (And yes, difficult child DID sign releases so we could talk to people)

    The hospital literally called me this morning while I was at work and said I could come get him anytime.



    I couldn't leave....this is my really busy time....so I didn't go get him till about 6:30 tonight after I got out of work. They didn't seem to mind but I was a little taken aback by the sudden discharge. His papers listed his condition at the time of release as.....Improved. :slap:

    He was pretty quiet....actually he was sleeping when I got there. Getting used to his medications again is going to take a bit. We left the hospital, got back into town, dropped his scrips off at the pharmacy, went to Pizza Hut (where he ate 2 pieces of pizza and then went to the car to lay down while I finished eating), picked his medications up, went home and he went to bed. (After giving poor Cloe some attention. That poor dog has missed her boy soooo much....she went NUTS when he got home)

    I started a list of people to call to see what we/difficult child can get set up assuming he's still willing. I still think the group home type setting is the best thing for him. We'll see if we can get HIM to agree to it.


    I was really hoping for a bit more stress free time. LOL

    OH and this week is spring break for us. I thought...perfect! difficult child can use this time to get caught up on his schoolwork he missed.


    We don't have his books or assignments. I called the school last THURSDAY to get them and never heard a word back. His teacher of record was supposed to take his things to him but she never showed so I don't know if she even has his stuff.

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    Angel has been inpatient several times and I've always gotten much more info from the discharge summary then they ever gave me verbally during the stay. A release for the discharge summary & treatment plan will need to be signed to get them; also they don't always make it to someone to type them up until a week after discharge. One of the psychiatric hospital we've used just send it to me but the other one often wants $1 a page and then they send me a 40 page book with notes & labs and everything else they could think to charge me for when all I wanted was the summary & treatment plan (2-5 pages). The psychiatric hospital that charges me is also the one that takes 2-4 months to get the copies to me.

    Good luck with this, I'm sorry about the school if no work to do during break then when goes back having to work to catch up, really doesn't sound fair.
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    Mstang-I'm always how amazed how all of a sudden discharge comes up. I hope he will agree to the group home and that he gets the help he needs. Hugs.
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    That does seem rather abrupt and, oh, I don't know, anticlimactic? Come an' get 'im!


    Did the teacher not think he'd be released or capable of doing any work over the break? Can you email him/her? Maybe they'll check their messages...

    Hope you can make some progress this week on the group home sitch...
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    How FRUSTRATING!!! I wish I had some advice for you - Although I haven't been there done that with an adult difficult child yet, there is always a first time...

    I hope your difficult child gets into a group home. I can't imagine what you're going through - I think I would just be a bundle of emotions - Relieved he is ok, praying he gets appropriate help, and angry too...

    The system rots!!! Why is it just assumed that as adults, our difficult children will be able to live in our homes? There has to be a better way!!!

    Sorry, I just don't know what to say - You're in such a difficult situation...

    Sending lots of hugs your way... WFEN
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    Mstang....that is the way it happened when Cory went inpatient when he swallowed all those pills as an adult too. He was supposed to be committed for at least a 72 hour hold because the cops had to come get him but he was only in for 24 hours! They called me in the morning to talk to me about his medications and then called me that afternoon to come get him! He was all better...yeah right.
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    Stang, I hope something good came of it, but I guess I don't get the whole warm fuzzy feeling that it did. Maybe the medication adjustment will help.

    You are handling all of this amazingly well, tho I'm sure your "ducking" (all calm and peaceful on the surface and paddling like he!! under neath). :) Here's hoping you can just drift and float for a few days and still get some de-stressing done.

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    Ducking.....hmmm....kind of. I think I've just detached so much that I've got the "eh" attitude going on.

    I got home from work today and difficult child wasn't home. (spring break this week). He came home later and announced he was spending the night at a friend's house. Probably not the best idea 24 hours out of psychiatric hospital but....I don't really care. Not like I can stop him anyway.

    And oh yeah, he's so much better. ha. He started gathering some things up to take with him and was using my duffel bag that husband had taken his clothes to the psychiatric hospital in. When I reminded him that the bag wasn't his and he didn't ask permission I got a bit of attitude. Not a lot but enough to know that difficult child is still in there. (as if I needed an example)

    husband is off tomorrow so I will leave him a list of calls to make and questions to ask. *snort* This should be interesting. It's not that husband isn't interested in this, he is. He just .....thinks like a man. ;)
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    Apparently I'm not as detached as I thought. I'm hearing sirens somewhere near but I can't see where they are at. And difficult child just left 20 minutes ago.

  10. Star*

    Star* call 911........call 911

    Hon -

    I've been there many times.......and I can only tell you to hang in there, and email the Pootie when you feel like screaming.....we are here.
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    I thought I had edited my post about the sirens but apparently it didn't take. I called difficult child's cell and one of his friends answered. (The same friend that difficult child loaned his phone to all last week. While his friend was in Arkansas) difficult child was outside.

    Thanks Star. I think I need more of a Cloe and Pootie snuggle.
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    The whole adult privacy thing is annoying as all get out. difficult child has to sign all sorts of papers allowing the professionals to tell me stuff or CC e mail to me. Fortunately, difficult child knows he can't remember what they say so it's ok with him.

    It's unfortunate that there isn't a better way to help our kids than to just discharge them with no plan. Grrrr

    I hope the sirens go by and difficult child is home safe and sound.