difficult child is in for a Surprise...

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    ---Insert evil laughter here---

    Little backstory:

    difficult child likes to say bad things about her family...a LOT....and most of the stuff she says isn't even true. So her conversations with friends are very hurtful.

    husband and I have told difficult child that she needs to stop talking about her family. Period. But like any difficult child, she figures she can do what she wants, regardless of what we say.

    At any rate -

    difficult child wants to go to a birthday party. This is for a person I don't know, have never met and have never once even heard difficult child talk about until this party came up. At first we were a little suspicious, but husband talked to the girl's Mom and we decided to let difficult child attend the party.

    So last night, difficult child did not do her chores (and by "chores", I mean the one chore that she has) at all....and then placed a call to this friend and began talking about us. She told the friend that we give difficult child tons of chores to do, and then all we do is lecture her. We call her names and tell her she's lazy all the time...and it's SOOO unfair. And this was sitting right in front of us in our own livingroom!

    I told difficult child that I didn't appreciate the characterization...especially since it is completely untrue. difficult child did not apologize and is aggravated that I would even try to call her on this behavior.


    difficult child has no money. difficult child expects that I am going to take her shopping on Saturday, and spend MY money to buy a gift for this friend I don't know so that difficult child can go to a party.

    After bashing me again? Yeah, right!

    So, guess what is going to happen when difficult child wants me to take her shopping to buy her friend a birthday present? Mom's gonna say "No".

    Mean Ol' Mom and Dirty Rotten Dad are gonna make difficult child earn the money to buy a present by raking leaves and washing the car and scrubbing the mold off the siding. And difficult child is gonna have to earn the money FIRST. None of this: O I'll pay you back by working it off later, stuff.

    O she's not gonna be happy!

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    Stay strong!
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    DaisyFace Love me...Love me not

    Thanks KTMom!