difficult child just doesn't "get it"......


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....no one wants to play with him! When people don't "play by HIS rules" (and only he knows what they are) he throws his temper tantrums and stomps off or throws things or breaks things. He's screaming the whole way home "I don't like you any more!", "You're not my friend anymore!", or some other such nonsense. Then the next day he can't figure out why that same person won't play with him! :hammer: But there is something to be said about his perseverance, he just keeps knocking on doors seeing if this kid or that kid can play and they lie to him but he keeps trying. :slap:

It has been a crazy summer already with our dog, Bandit, getting mauled (he got stitches and staples out last week and is doing GREAT :laugh: ), getting a new puppy, Princess Peabrain, who chews on everything (including us :mad: ) but is as cute as they come, difficult child acting like he makes the rules (as usual), trying to get a house warming and easy child 2's b-day party set up before difficult child completely destroys his room (not likely), and 2 "bored" pubescent easy child teens acting like difficult child's! :faint:

Oh well! So much for looking forward to summer! Now I am the one counting down, only I am counting down to school <u>starting</u>. Seven weeks! Only God knows if I am going to make it! :crazy:


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Executive function problems mean that a child doesn't "get it." EXACTLY. Has he been evaluated recently to see if there is any change in his diagnosis?


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I *so* know what you mean...M is all about making up the rules and his friends just can not keep up with them all becuase the rules are always changing and only M knows them! I honestly don't know why his friends keep coming back! Gluttens for punishment I think! LOL

Here's to hoping you survive the summer!!!!


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When my son was that age - his social skills were the worst! Good grief! And he really did not get that no one wanted to play with him - because of HIM! Still to this day he makes up various excuses about why he does not have many friends - but at least he is more aware that it is his actions that cause the friends to leave. He is slowly learning - as your difficult child will too.

Hang in there! Summer will end before you know it.
(And SO sorry about your pup! That happened to my cat - mauled by a dog. Unfortunately he did not make it - but glad your pup is OK).

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Sorry for the rough time-it's true they really don't get it. It's hard. I hope the summer takes a turn for the better. Hugs.