difficult child loses yet another counselor

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by mstang67chic, Sep 11, 2007.

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    I swear this kid is running them off! (There are a couple of elementary teachers I'm surprised he didn't force into sabaticals also! :hammer: ) Took difficult child to his counseling today and while he was in, I went to the desk to make more appointments. The girl at the desk informed me that the counselor is leaving and his last day is next week. Sigh. They have another guy there (HAS to be a guy counselor.......difficult child insists) that sounds like a good match but still. Geesh. This new guy will be difficult child's EIGHTH counselor in 8 years. Aaargh. Seems like everytime we get a good one who sees through difficult child's crap and lines, they take a different position. I'm starting to think he's a jinx! I did get a chance to talk to the outgoing guy today and he plans on filling in the new guy on difficult child's particular verbal talents (BS'ing) so at least he will be forwarned. Should be interesting for a bit while he adjusts.
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    I kid you not when I say that EVERY one of my kids, EVERY single year has at least ONE of their teachers retire...


    We've also run the gammit of counselors as well...

    I guess we truly put the "fun" back in "disfunctional"!!!! :bravo:

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    I'm with you.............we are on our, ummmm, 10th counselor??? Not really sure, as I stopped counting. I don't know, this new one seems intent on helping at least, but we will see how long it lasts!!!!!

    So sorry you are in the same boat!
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    My son went through four in 2 1/2 years. And every single time, we had little to no warning. There seems to be a huge turnover with counselors, and it seems like the better they are with our kids, the quicker they move on. It was extremely frustrating.
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    I hope the new counselor works out well!!! difficult child 1 and your difficult child sound like they're a matched pair in the "verbal talents" dept!!! :rofl:
    Got any duct tape??? :rofl: WFEN
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    If we do, it's hidden so well I've forgotten where it is! LOL We have to hide stuff like that or else difficult child takes it for his projects/inventions.
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    Good luck with the new one!
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    It is definetly a difficult child jinx.

    Tigger burned out 2 aids in 1st grade (although his 2nd grade aide did re-up for 3rd grade); he is on his 5th psychiatrist in 3 years and is on counselors #5 & 6 (one at school, one private).