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    difficult child's loves baseball. He wanted soooo much to make the all star team. But, the kids vote on who they think should go. there is six 12 year olds on his team 3 are suppose to get the honors of going to the All Star game. Then, found out that the top two teams in their league get to select 4. They voted last Monday night. difficult child - is always on/off with friends. So, baseball team no different. difficult child said Monday night that all the kids were talking about who they voted for and he didn't get it. We all talked and he seemed ok with it. All Star Game is the highlight of the Summer. They have announcers for player, each play. Thursday night after their game, Coach announced the All Stars. I never saw a face light up so bright! Coaches kid didn't make it. That surprised me. So...Tomorrow at 5pm is the All Star Game. I pray he does well. It would mean so much to him. The 12 year olds move up to a whole different league next year, so this means so much. I am so nervous for him. He is a good player, smart player. He will be playing with the best of all the teams. I am real nervous. I am afraid if he doesn't do as well as he expects he will start yelling and acting not so good. He just cannot act that way. I am so worried and excited.
    And I am so proud. He worked really hard.
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    I hoping for a GREAT game for difficult child. I read your other post and it sounds like a DAY of baseball for you......Good luck with difficult child and his all star game, maybe he can hold it together for the team......
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    Congrats to difficult child on making the all star team! :bravo:I hope he has a great game today! :dance:
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    Adding my congrats and best wishes for a great game today! I know that feeling of sitting in the bleachers stressed out and hoping for a good outcome. I hope difficult child does well.

    Let us know!!
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    AWESOME NEWS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    :dance: :dance: :dance:
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    I wonder if parents of easy child's hold there breath praying that their child will handle a situation correctly and not cause a scene.

    It was a long day. Got a total of two hours sleep and had to get up for the game. They introduced every player on every team in the 9/10 year old league and 11/12 year old league. Then introduced the champions of the "Just Say No Tournament" (difficult child's team) Introduced them each and they recieved a plaque. Then introduced the All Star's. 27 on each team. Each player played 3 innings. difficult child's team was winning 6-0. They lost 9-0. We had neighbors and their kids there. difficult child played the last three innings. Three hours to watch him walk! But, he had two strikes on him, and then was patient enough to wait and he ended up with a walk. He was out on second base, but did just fine.
    He was happy. Recieved Hat, t-shirt and another plaque. It was a long day, but worth it to see how happy difficult child was. He did good. They announced his batting average. .542 That made him happy.
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    Glad all went well with the game. Letting each player play three innings seems a fair way to deal with the team....A full day of all baseball would have sent me over the edge!!!
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    Sounds like a wonderful experience and great memory for you all! I hope you have captured the moments and save the momentos for him.

    Congrats to difficult child!!

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    So glad the day went well - it was a long one, wasn't it? And it sounds like your difficult child did a wonderful job of dealing with the long day - and even the outcome of the game! :bravo:

    It's nice when they can accomplish something that truly makes them happy! I'm smiling here in NY this morning for you and difficult child! :dance:
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    Sounds like a great day!!!!!! :bravo:
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