difficult child Off to Camp Til Friday!!


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difficult child left on the bus this morning to go to camp with the extended school year program. He had a bit of anxiety - this is a longer camping trip than he's been on in the past - but was excited to go - they have been promised a daily canoe trip and are putting on a dinner/dance and patriotic program on Thursday night that we are all invited to attend. I will have to see if I can get out of work early, as it's a 2-hour ride to camp, but it will be worth it.

So, for a few days, our house will be a bit quieter and low maintenance. Too bad I have to work like crazy so I can leave on vacation Saturday with a clear conscience!! Oh well.

Gotta love esy programs!! :wink:


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Yeah, how long is he gone for? 2 days? **EDIT - I just read the title again - ooppss! Gone til Friday.

I hope you enjoy your time! Even if it is just a few days!



Enjoy your week and vacation. I hope difficult child enjoys himself. Won't that be a great confidence booster!


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Yes, difficult child went off on the trip with enthusiasm, so it should be good. Too bad I have to work, but I guess that's good.

Tonight I went to a Mom's Nite Out with some friends - good wine, chips and dip - some cheese fondue - and many, many, relaxed laughs. Good for the soul.

When I got home, husband and I took a quick dip in the pool and now I am so ready for bed!

Thanks, everyone. Will try to enjoy the quieter house for a few days, even though it feels a bit strange. We are taking easy child to the mall tomorrow night to get her ears pierced - she has been asking me to have a 'girl's mall trip' - just the two of us. husband has agreed to let us go about our business while he picks up things we will need for vacation. Should be fun.