difficult child only had his new car for a week


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We got him a leased 2015 Toyota Corolla for his birthday. He will share it with-husband, who has a sports car which can't drive in the snow.

I thought he'd at least last for a month before we had to take away the car. I am so disappointed.

I got an email from his history teacher this week: "difficult child hasn’t been in class since we got back from Thanksgiving break. He was here on Tuesday, December 2. I have asked students in the class about difficult child, and everyone says that they haven’t seen him. It wasn’t until two days ago when one of the students said that she saw him in school earlier in the morning. I wanted to make sure everything is fine."

Then, last night difficult child slept on the couch downstairs. husband found a lighter that had fallen out of difficult child's pocket.

I asked difficult child today over the phone if he had apologized to the teacher and where he had spent his class time. He said he left the bldg. and went to the park to chill out.


husband thinks he's hanging with-a bunch of kids and smoking pot. I agree. They are downstairs right now and husband is reading him the riot act. difficult child had a friend with him. I served the friend dinner and he is in the kitchen by himself.


husband just came to get me. Now I find out the rest of the story.


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Terry, I did not think your son was involved in drugs at all. Well, there's always a first time...haha. At any rate, I know how you and your hubby are and if you say no car he will have NO CAR and that is VERY motivating for young would-be pot users to stop it. You stick to things more than anyone else on the site and that's why basically he is doing well. I would never give any kid or adult my car to use (or his car to use if it was in my name) if he indulged in any sort of substance abuse. I totally agree with you. To me this is a no-brainer. Pot slows your reflexes...duh. We took any access to a car from our daughter when we found out about the drugs. That was the end of her driving anything that belonged to us. And she had to get rides from other people or talk them into using their cars. Stupidly, a few did and she did crack up a couple cars, but they weren't ours. She was lucky she wasn't badly hurt. One lady sued her for a ton and she was paying this lady way after she quit using drugs. Not worth the risk. You are a very smart parent.

The little darlings need to know that if they smoke the dope, they will get very healthy leg muscles from walking ;)


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Thank you all.

Yes, MWM, he did drugs about 3 yrs ago. Good grief, what's the artificial pot that is so dangerous? Oh--spice.
One night at dinner, I looked at him and said, "What is wrong with you lately? You're so cranky and mean. And your eyes are bloodshot. You look like you've been smoking pot."
He yelled, "I have NOT been smoking pot!"
It's kind of funny, now that I look back on it. I said it as a joke, but over a month later, I found out I was right. He stole some jewelry and sold it to a friend's mom, who pawned it. She was the one buying pot. If you look back on the general parenting board, you'll find it. Can't remember what I called the thread, though. Maybe type in "Police." Because I called the police on my own son.

He never smells like anything, but then sometimes he races in the house after school and heads straight for the shower. This, for an Aspie-lite who hates showers and brushing his teeth. Duh. All the signs are there.

Anyway, he worked today and we dropped him off and picked him up. One day at a time.