difficult child passed all his tests

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    This is good and bad. In our state, we have SOLs--Standards of Learning. Most teachers use those tests as their own (IOW, the info goes to the state), and once you pass, you just do a few more assignments and watch a whole bunch of movies.
    The last week of school, you don't have to take the class exam. You can stay home.
    difficult child passed biology, econ, and world history. Flunked first semester math, so is taking summer school.
    He was pinging all over between As, Bs and Fs. Clearly, when he wants to do something and likes it, he can do it. Sooo frustrating for me and his teachers!
    I am proud of him.
    But ambivalent.
    We are working on getting him a job this summer. Right now, he just cuts grass at his girlfriend's mom's house for $40.
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    Sounds so familiar