difficult child playing outside with the "normal" kids

*sigh* it's gonna be a LOOOONG summer.

I live in one of 2 apartment buildings that are side by side with a courtard inbetween. Within those 2 buildings, there are 10YO twin boys, 7YO twin girls with- a 10YO brother, 6 & 8YO brothers, 2 10 YO girls (best friends), and my difficult child.

Now, the 7YO twins generally play pretty well with difficult child. Until the 10YO girls come home. Then they want NOTHING to do with difficult child. They run and hide from her, ya know, snotty girl stuff. The 10YOs go with the flow. Sometimes they try to incluse difficult child. SOmetimes they tell her to get lost because she is being mean.

Well today difficult child got real upset that everyone ditched her, so she told them that they were a bunch of a-holes.

Yes she was wrong, and yes she was punished (and yes, she was with DEX this weekend, which is I am SURE where she picked up the word, but that does not excuse it, she knows better) but GRRRRR these kids are rotton. It kills me to see my kid so hurt. She is ALWAYS the one who is left out. I mean I do play dates with kids from school as often as I can but this is every day.

Breaks my heart.

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difficult children and friends can be so difficult. It always breaks my heart that our difficult children have such a hard time-they want so much to have friends but it is so difficult-at least for my difficult child. I'm sorry difficult child is so often left out-I know it hurts. :angel: Sending understanding hugs your way.


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I remember being at the park with difficult child 1 a few years ago and he wanted so badly to play with the other kids so I told him to just go up and ask to play with them...and for no good reason they wouldn't play with him. :frown: Broke my heart. Kids can just be so difficult sometimes.

I'm so sorry. :::hugs:::


difficult child always had that problem. Kids would all gather at one house or another. If difficult child was there, he only wanted "one on one" friends. He would get angry, say mean things. They would all ditch him or he would be sent home. If they didn't do what he wanted, or play the game by "his" rules, he would lose it, end up alone again. I TRIED to make him play with the group. Made it worse. finally realized when he was about 5 or 6, that he just doesn't work with groups. He wants / needs one on one friends. Seems to go in spurts. He will have a friend, and he is very loyal to, then something will happen and friend will say something mean and leave. He will be alone again, then a new friend, same thing different day.


BUT... I also realized, IT IS OK to not be a part of a group. IT IS OK to want one on one. I tried to MAKE him part of a group, you know, tried to MAKE him be like the others. He is not like the others.
See, I try to get her to play one-on-one, because I know she does better in that setting. But either her friend will say, oh, the other kids are out, let's play, or Pixie will hear them herself, and then it is off to the races.

Ah, well.