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    Hello all--

    This weekend, husband is taking the two kids camping with his friend and his two kids. And it is going to be the "roughing it" kind of camping: tents, outhouses, catch your own dinner, wash off in the lake. Not my cup of tea--so I was more than happy to volunteer to stay home with the dogs.

    At any rate--we laid down the rules for difficult child. Safety first. No fooling around in the water. When we go on the boat, you WILL wear your life jacket. Everyone sleeps IN the tent. No wandering the woods in the middle fo the night. No midnight swimming.

    difficult child felt these rules were unfair because what if somebody at some other campsite were up in the middle of the night? She felt she should be able to go over and visit their campsite if she wanted to....and if they were swimming in the dark--then what's the big deal?

    Responses like that just make me want to strangle her!!

    THEN--she packs for this trip (and you remember that this is the kid who refuses to wear anything but jeans and a T-shirt?)--she decides that for a weekend in the woods, she will wear a mini (emphasis on the MINI) skirt and a tube top.



    So now I am home alone.....YAY!!...and things are peaceful and quiet. I am going to try not to worry about husband TOO much....but I think he really has his hands full with difficult child this weekend.

    Send your positive vibes his direction if you can....

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    Sending positive thoughts and a suggestion: screen your calls this weekend! :wink:
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    Sending good vibes ... and chuckling at the image of a 14-yr-old in a miniskirt in the middle of the woods, bending over, setting up a tent.