difficult child really depressed

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by mog, Apr 7, 2010.

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    We went to see him on Monday and he is so depressed. The Dr went by to do that test and we will meet with her tomorrow and let her know that we also want her to speak with difficult child's counselor at school. We need to convince her that it is in his best interest to go to a facility and he needs to complete it successful. It was hard to go to visit my family without him for Easter. Makes me so mad that he is in detention and has NO charges just waiting to talk to that Dr. Wish us luck!!
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    I find this whole situation weird. I am not sure that there are not charges and the charges just haven't been made clear to you. It would be illegal otherwise, I believe. If my son was in detention and I hadn't heard what the charges were, I would call the prosecuting attorney for juveniles or go to the clerk's office and find out. As far as depression- no kid who is incarcerated is supposed to be happy- now the degree might differ but even the kids who smile and laugh some aren't really happy, but that's the part of it.
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    I, too, find it really odd that they can continue to hold him without charges...but I'm not a law person.

    All I can send is support and hugs. I hope this gets worked out soon.
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    Ugh! Hopefully this will all get sorted out soon...

    Meanwhile, stay strong!!! (((hugs))))
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    I find the situation very strange also. Let's hope it will be straightened out soon so that he can get whatever help he needs.

    many hugs.