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  1. Terryforvols

    Terryforvols Member

    difficult child was sentenced to 5-24 mos long term treatment, then 12 mos OP aftercare and a halfway house in CTTC through the TX justice system. She now sits in jail until a bed comes open, which will be several weeks. The DA told her she messes this up, its 2 yrs in a state jail, no more chances.

    Reading abt this prog online, it is TOUGH!! Glad abt that! Its a locked facility but the rules go on and on, they have to earn their way, etc. Up at 5:30 wkdays, 6:30 on wkends and holidays, in room at 9:45p. Really no free time with mtgs, comm svc, etc. SO GRATEFUL!!

    I hope she does it, but some of the rules are her Achilles heel, so we will see. It will do her good to see that she can do it. If not, not a thing we can or would do. She will have earned jail after numerous chances.

    Started Fam Anon, love it!

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  2. Nancy

    Nancy Well-Known Member Staff Member

    Sounds like a very comprehensive program. Do you mind telling me what state it's in? I wish we had that kind of program here.
  3. Terryforvols

    Terryforvols Member

    Its in TX. Google CTTC TX and read abt it.

    Oh..did anyone see NBC Nightly News tonite? They had a story abt states approving injectable nalexone esp for families that have heroin addicts that cld OD. Maine's gov will not approve it bc he feels it will encourage cont drug abuse bc they know its available!!! Its used like an Epi Pen. He says treatment is the answer...right, but what if you have something to save them then they are ALIVE to go to treatment!! husband and I were dumbfounded!

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  4. ForeverSpring

    ForeverSpring Well-Known Member

    This is very good.

    Once in a while the justice system does something right...lol.

    Good luck to your entire family. Crossing fingers, eyes and toes :)
  5. toughlovin

    toughlovin Well-Known Member

    Terry this is the best thing that could have happened! This is very similar to what happened to my son. What these kids need is long term treatment!!!!

    My son has been in a long term residential treatment program that was court ordered for 5 months so far. It is also very strict - although it is not a locked facility....but if he walks there will be a warrant put out for his arrest and he would have jail time. Sitting in jail for 3 months before he got into this place gave him some motivation to not go back!

    At first I think he got close a few times to thinking about running for it and trying to get out of state before they could catch up to him. But he didnt. He has now moved up in their level system, has more responsibility there and is doing well. I think at this point he has decided to stay and to keep working on things.

    So I hope this works well for your daughter.


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  6. Kathy813

    Kathy813 Well-Known Member Staff Member

    Nalexone saved my daughter's life when she overdosed on heroin. It was the first thing the EMT's did when they got to our house.

    I am so tired of the attitude that addicts don't deserve treatment and need to be punished instead. If there was a lifesaving drug for people prone to heart attacks it would be hailed as a miracle and everyone would have access to it.

    Terry, I am so happy to hear that your daughter will be receiving long term treatment.

  7. Nancy

    Nancy Well-Known Member Staff Member

    Naloxone is being used in Ohio and has been for a couple months. All first responders are trained on how to use it is and lives have already been saved. It is also being provided to friends and family members of heroin addicts.
  8. Terryforvols

    Terryforvols Member

    Thanks for your wishes! Another thin

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  9. Terryforvols

    Terryforvols Member

    Sorry abt that at MD office.

    TL, another requirement for this prog is to be jailed for at least 2 wks prior to be drug free and to think about it. She has been there a mo and counting.

    Kathy I immediately thought of you with the nalexone. That gov was a horses rear, so arogant! When the reporter pushed him, he wldnt answer! Let his kid be saved, then we will see!

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  10. Nancy

    Nancy Well-Known Member Staff Member

    I hope the people of Maine keep on him until he changes his mind. I am not a big fan of our Gov but he has done this right. We have a huge heroin problem in Ohio but at least our officials are on board with trying to help those addicted and go after the big guys who are dealing. They are also charging those who deal drugs with murder of the person they sell to OD's.
  11. Terryforvols

    Terryforvols Member

    I agree Nancy! This is a lifesaving medication...so sad that, like Kathy said, some ppl want to punish addicts. UNLESS it affects them!

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  12. DDD

    DDD Well-Known Member

    I'm happy to read that your difficult child has a REAL opportunity to face her problems and change her life. Over the years I have gotten more and more negative about Gov't methods of dealing with those in need. It's a breath of fresh air to read that one of our families has a good shot available. Fingers crossed, Terry. Hugs DDD