difficult child setting himself up to failure/tough times


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difficult child got rented out first time this season yesterday (this was to be expected considering the team he signed into.) Someone got injured and they need a replacement for the time being. difficult child was available. Nothing wrong with that.

Plenty wrong with difficult child's attitude. He has nothing against being loaned to this new team but has plenty against the positional coach in new team; in other words, his closest supervisor. He isn't too merited as a coach or even a player, which of course doesn't mean he wouldn't know his job, but for difficult child seems to mean the guy doesn't deserve his respect.

You know how well people in charge tend to take direct disrespect (and difficult child really can ad up disrespect like no one else) and especially how they do take it, if they are not merited and are little insecure about their position (as the rumours about this coach are.)

difficult child has been warned by many, but I think you can guess how much he listens.

I guess I just have to brace myself for next downward spiral to begin.:badmood:
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