difficult child started Invega today...

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    Does anyone have any experience with Invega? It was described to me as similiar to Risperdal, but no weight gain. It's terribly expensive, insurance or not. difficult child has had his first dose this AM, but I've not noticed much difference in his behavior. Perhaps it has to build up in his system. We weaned him off Abilify and he's been manic ever since with one bout of a meltdown severe enough that he missed his band concert.

    Just wondered if anyone has experience with it....thanks!
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    Hey there! My son was put on Invega about two weeks ago and seems to be doing okay with it. He still has his normal grumpiness at times but its nothing extreme. The Abilify made him extremely irritable! I hate to say that this is the medication for him because then it always backfires but so far it has been better than the hundreds of other drugs we've tried. I wish you the best of luck. I'll keep you updated and please let us know how you and your difficult child are doing in the next few days :)
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    Thanks, MyHrt31! difficult child has been started on 3 mg.....he's been on lots of medications through the years so I have trouble keeping the faith. Do you know how long it takes to get the full effect?
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    No experience but want to wish you the best of luck with it! Hugs
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    I was told that it can take up to six weeks but most people see results at about three weeks. The reason we saw results so quickly with my son was because he had come off of a combination of medications that made him extremely irritable/aggressive. He ended up hospitalized because of Abilify/Lithium. The doctor took him off of it and the next day, he was okay. He started him on Invega and his temper seemed to improve. He's still having issues ODD/CD but I am working on that with him because there's no such medication that makes a kid comply with rules, lol. He and I are really working on following directions the first time and I use a timer a lot when he starts to get angry. I pull him from whatever is aggravating him and I give him 5 minutes to calm down. If he's calm by then, I let him go back to doing whatever he was doing before. If not, I set the timer for a little longer until he seems more relaxed. During this time, I talk to him about things that usually make him laugh because it takes his mind off the "triggers". I also talk to him about ways to prevent his temper from exploding (which he never uses because he's too impulsive). His meltdowns are very mild now that he's on Invega so its much easier to work with him. At school, they say he's doing okay so far (he's only been back a week). He still gets angry but he's not throwing desks or cursing people out. We have a reward system at home that he gets to play his computer/Wii if he's had a good day at school. He must have his chores and his homework done before he can have any of his privileges. In the mornings, he can have play time as long as he's completely dressed and ready to go beforehand. He seems to be doing really great with this because I only had to remind him once this week to brush his teeth before he could get online. Sorry for the long post, I wasn't sure what behavior issues you were having with your son so I thought I'd post some of my "behavior techniques" that I use in case it might help you. You probably already use these, lol. I am still at the learning stage when it comes to being an assertive parent and trying to keep my difficult child on a routine. I always thought that I could raise him the same way my friends with children raised theirs but with his "issues" I realize I have to be more involved and stay in control. Well, now that I've taken up enough of your time, lol. I hope this helps. Invega does seem to be doing really well for my son. He did pretty good with Risperdal so this is not a surprise. As far as costs go, can you contact the manufacturer to see if you qualify for any kind of assistance? We have Medicaid because I am not working but I do know how expensive insurance copays can get (We had Blue Cross Blue Shield up until December when I left my job). Good luck to you and please let us know how everything is working out :)

    I forgot to ask if your difficult child was on any other medications. My son was also on Vyvanse but the doctor wanted to address his temper and then worry about his hyperactivity. We will probably put him back on the Vyvanse in a few weeks. In children who are bipolar, stimulants usually increase irritabilty and aggression so I am hoping that the Vyvanse doesn't "undo" the effects of the Invega.
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    Just wanted to wish you luck.
    This sounds like a promising new medication.
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    Here is a comment from a person on a public board I go to.
    I found this pretty interesting!

    The drug itself is unimpressive (compared to Risperdal) but the time-released capsule is something else.
    It's been used recently for other drugs and carried over to Invega.
    It's a membrane with a microscopic hole punched in the end.
    Sort of like a Ziploc bag with a teeny hole that leaks the contents of the bag.
    As it passes through your system the drug leaks at a controlled rate from the hole.
    Then you pass the membrane (skin of the capsule) with your stool.

    Invega is a metabolite of Risperdal. That is, when you take Risperdal, your liver turns it into its active form, and that form is Invega. It's just saving your liver some work.
    A lot of people seem to experience less nausea but may experience the same side affect with regards to headaches.
    It is pre-digested and in the system for 24 hours. It's affects are seen pretty quickly. Just like Risperdal.

    I hope it works for your difficult child
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    Totoro, thanks so much for all that information! SO interesting! I can't tell yet that it's doing much, but I'll keep you posted.
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    Certainly let us know how it goes.

    Originally I thought Invega was just a generic Risperdal - but I see that it is actually a "re-enhanced" Risperdal that is time released. Very interesting. It probably will make the results harder to see in an immediate fashion, but give it some time, and I bet you will.

    Does anyone know - is it a chemical or 2 different from Risperdal? Like Celexa to Lexapro? Or is the only difference the fact it is time release?

    Good luck WUC........and keep us posted.
  11. totoro

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    It is supposed to reach a steady state in 4-5 days. A few more if you are a poor metabolizer.

    As far as the Chemical dif. I believe they are almost identical, but Invega is the active metabolite (hydroxyrisperidone) what is left after Risperdal goes through you liver. So it is able to skip this process, thus making it easier on the body. I am not exactly sure what chemical breakdown is though.
    Chemistry was not my strong suit at all!

    I don't know how well it works, it will be nice to hear how he does!
    K did horribly on Risperdal.
    I don't know how many on the board on Invega?
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    difficult child did really well on Risperdal, but the doctor was afraid he'd been on it too long and took him off fearing side effects of long term use. He's been off the Risperdal for a couple of years at least. We now have a different doctor who says he may do well on Invega since he did okay on Risperdal. Today has only been day two.

    Stay tuned............................