difficult child starting to mess up in school now aaaagggghh!

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by sweetiegirlz, Nov 2, 2007.

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    <span style='font-family: Georgia'>The formerly good school girl is now officially screwing up in school behavior wise. Must it spiral down from here? Teacher calling me telling me she is distracting the class by talking and
    turning around in her seat, passing notes etc....

    School was the one place where I could say that difficult child was doing great too. Now, just in the last 3 months, she brought home 2 failing grades and is starting to distract people.

    I know, many moms on here have it so much worse than I do!! MUCH worse. I know this. I just hate to see the slipping.

    I really expected her to admit some part of her guilt at least, but she busted in the house with a "My teacher is a LIAR!!!"

    I asked her how many times she thinks I heard that when her brother and sister were growing up. LOL

  2. Wiped Out

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    I'm sorry she is struggling at school. Having taught middle school in the past she is right around the age when many students start doing they types of behaviors you described.

    easy child has used that "My teacher is a LIAR" too-with two teachers at parents she didn't get far with that one. I always asked her if she wanted to meet with the teacher and me so we could get to the bottom of things. She never did!

    I hope things start to get better at school soon. Hugs.
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    I felt bad for the teacher! For all you guys have to put up with.

    She is especially manic today, and I am making a sugar connection with it. She cannot focus on anything and nonstop talking since she got home. She has been cramming her face with candy since Halloween. (sneaking). I am hiding all of it as of tonight!

    Geez, many connections are all fitting together now.

    Thank you for your support as always.
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    Personally, having my difficult child do the same thing, bring your daughter into the school and have a meeting with the teacher.

    Chances are, when confronted with the teacher there, she'll be less likely to stick with the "liar" story.

    My son has always been easily coaxed out of his untruthful ways by me (being a little untruthful) telling him I had already spoken with the teacher and she said this and that... You know...kind of what the cops do. Lol

    9 out of 10 times, he comes out with what really happened. If that 1 time arises where I still believe he's not being truthful, I tell him "OK, I'll give you one last chance... Either you can tell me or your teacher is going to tell me when I call her and you'll be in worse trouble than you started in".

    Sometimes it works...sometimes it doesn't...

    But I can almost guarantee bringing her face to face with the teacher will bring out the truth!

    Keep us updated on what you try and if it works.

    Good luck! &lt;3