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    difficult child's Special Education teacher passed away yesterday morning. He lost his second fight with cancer. He just went on medical leave three weeks ago.

    difficult child was pretty close to him. He knew he had beaten cancer once. He knew it had returned. but the teacher was always at school. He would wear a mask sometimes.

    difficult child was at a teachers house getting help with Homework on Sunday when that teacher received the call. I am glad he heard it from her and not through an announcement at school.

    She called just to let us know he is not himself and why. Kind of put a damper on the homework thing. And he has a lot of missing work. I just hope he gets it turned in before Friday, the beginning of xmas break.

    His birthday is this Wednesday. I haven't gotten him anything. I just don't know what to get him. That is also the day of his court appearance. He was not arrested. They did call the police and I was told he was going to be hand cuffed and arrested for obstruction BUT - this teacher stopped that from happening and he was issued a ticket for harrassment (for pantsing that kid) Which was his friend and they were joking around.

    I know difficult child is upset. I know death really freaks him out and he has dealt with a lot of it. I am not sure how to talk to him. I want to ask about school and homework, but I KNOW that sets him off in normal situations.

    I am hoping he will have a nice birthday and the judge will be nice. He wasn't being mean, he was joking around, but went to far. He knows he shouldn't of done that. We still have not let him know how WE feel. Just that he was wrong and now must face the judge.
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    I'm so sorry for you and difficult child. How rough.

    And I think I'd put the homework back-burner for a bit...at least until you know how difficult child is handling it all.

    Hopefully his date with the judge will go well, and his birthday will go well, and things will remain calm for him to be able to get the homework done before break. If not, I think I'd try to let that slide.

    Hugs to you all.