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    went today to do barrium swallow for difficult child at hospital. she was able to do it. the test showed absolutey no abnormalities in either her esophagus or her swallowing, or acid reflux. she's medically FINE.

    difficult child was clearly distressed at this, as was I, I think. Glad nothing medical, shocked all of this from just her disorders.

    than went onto refeeding therapist, she is a speech pathologist. It's basic stuff what she did, common sense actually. Long story short she wants to try to work with-difficult child. difficult child liked her, she's very nice, outgoing, sense of humor, made it a fun experience. long story short difficult child was able to eat m&m's after prompting, and one vegetable stick. with "helpers" she calls them. "helpers" will be yes, chocolate. it's the one thing she can eat easily, just chocolate bars.

    We spent a long time in the room, I told the woman I have a time frame to all of this, i can't keep going this way with-o any real "plan" of action. I said you may or may not be the missing piece here.

    I told her there are other components i need right now as well. Occupational Therapist (OT) evaluation. for sensory is on Nov. 18th, I also need a regular cbt or talk therapist for difficult child. she has alot of feelings right now that I am not always able to help her thru. Her therapist took a permanent leave of absence from the place we'd gone to for a very long time.

    So, their going to try to provide her with; refeeding therapy with-this woman, regular counseling session, and Occupational Therapist (OT) sessions, than I'd still have to lock down a pyschiatrist and she'd have hospital check up twice a week for eating disorder.

    it's alot. i have no clue how tutor's will fit into this mess. i have to bring difficult child to this new place 2x a week at least.

    anyway, long day. came home husband is sitting at table with-S my step daughter assisting with hw. house is a wreck he did nothing while he was home in between both appts. he went to a.m. one, garbage outside all over lawn racoon knocked it over, pee mattresses i had to wash, and he threw pee blankets in yet with a total attitude. this man on his days off is a real grose person, he should just work everyday. his day's off he's so tired and irritable and cranky he's like another person. ugh!
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    I am so happy that you have some answers, a mini breakthrough and a plan. Even though only time will tell it is wonderful to see you headed forward with such a great strategy. I know you needed this! Sorry husband continues to be not too helpful. Maybe things will ease up in time as difficult child gets more settled into a healthier routine. I am no expert but your post sounded like wonderful news.:D
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    thanks. sorry if i was rough yesterday. who knows what his deal is, it's pressurizing situation for everyone.
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    I hope you've finally got some good help for her board. :)
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    I think I do. I got her old pyschiatarist back on as of today, we have mtg. friday which is great I can now change medications as I wanted to to zyprexa if he agrees with-me. I have;

    pyschiatrist for medications

    speeth pathologist to do refeeding therapy ; they strictly work with-food.

    counselor - she has a phd and will provide therapy to difficult child.

    hospital - i'm keeping them to do weekly dr. junk, weight, vitals, also work with-me on shakes and also just keep that "teeth" threat in there which bites i know that if she doesn't move along hospitalization will occur.

    Occupational Therapist (OT) evaluation - which will lead to Occupational Therapist (OT) therapy to combat the sensory issues i'm running into a bit here and there

    regular peds - why, i dont' know emotional support for me and difficult child? lol. he's a great guy and it helps to visit every few weeks for reg. check up to make sure she isn't getting sick since immune's down due to malnutrition.

    also tutors should be in very soon. to add some redirection of her mind and hopefully some normalcy and education back to her life.

    friends well that's a hard one there arent' any. yet team and i today discussed if difficult child does move along, if this plan works and even if i gotta head to oregon a specialized school perhaps for difficult child when she's ready. since reg. public school and mainstreaming her does not seem to be working that well.

    i dont' think i need to add anyone else in at this point since we know it isn't medical.

    spoke with-hospital today after check up, she gained back only the 1 pound she lost last week. we agreed if we dont' see a change and improvement than its off to oregon. not sure of the time frame yet only due to xmas which i dont' want to leave other kids for, easy child especially and husband who apparentley isn't handling the stress of this that well on and off.

    me, i gotta head to some type of therapy for me, or at least get an hr out of house a week. so i told husband that he'll have to sit with-difficult child (maybe it'll help them bond) so i can get out once a week for an hr.

    we'll c what happens now. we're back to shakes today as per doctor's because she's gravitated away from them yet again

    here's hoping.
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    I am so happy to hear that you have a good team assembled! That is HUGE!! It really sounds like you have all the right people on board.

    I hope that this helps and she is able to make a lot of progress soon!!
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    other than a FT therapist for me (wish he could live in our home) i think i've got it nailed now! :)