difficult child thanked me last night...


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for suggesting he go to NA. He receieved his 30 day chip last week. He says he is still tempted sometimes but is beginning to understand this one day at a time thing. I hope he is being honest!!!!


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That's great. 30 days is quite an accomplishment. And it's even better that he's getting the "one day at a time" concept, so it's really 30 consecutive one-day success stories.

Now, could you send me a bottle of the magic voodoo oil you used to get your child to go to NA? I'd like to slip some into McWeedy's cheerio's tomorrow morning.


Really, though, congratulations to both you and your son. I sincerely hope that this is the start of a better path for him, and that when he hits the inevitible "bump" in the road that he realizes it doesn't mean he can't get back on the road. Working the program so it works for you - that's the goal.

Looking forward to hearing about his 60-day chip!




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Mikey---I will reveal to you the magic pill----jail---23 days worth with no visit or phone conversation with me! It was a hard thing to do, but we had gone every other route available and he had to do his time for the crime----he and a idiot druggie friend stole checks from the friend's grandfather----difficult child tried to cash one at a store owned by a friend of our family. His drug induced state didn't help him realize that he was talking to easy child's friend's mom. He was charged with forgery and car theft (he borrowed the friend's car to cash the check.) He thought he was doing the friend a favor---they had tried to cash it the night before and were not successful. Friend lied---hard to believe I know---and difficult child is now a convicted felon because we refused to sign a bond and I talked to the DA and had her tell him the only way he could get out was to plead. He did. He is now on probation for 2 years. He can't get a job in our small town because of his reputation. He is pretty much friendless at this point. NA has been a lifesaver---it gives him somewhere to go and people to talk to---since the druggies won't talk to him and all his decent friends have long since left him behind!


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Thanks for sharing! I know your heart is smiling!

It gives us all hope when other's share.

My son has not attended an NA meeting since he left rehab.

He is still "in" with his druggie friends


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<div class="ubbcode-block"><div class="ubbcode-header">Originally Posted By: Mikey</div><div class="ubbcode-body"> it's really 30 consecutive one-day success stories.</div></div>

:warrior: may the force be with you.


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I used to believe my difficult child could do it whether he attended the meetings and followed the program or not, but I was wrong. Now for the past almost 9 months he has been following the program and has remained clean. I hope and pray your difficult child continues to follow the program and that you can be posting 9 months soon :smile:

But lets not get ahead of ourselves. I learned how to use the one day at a time slogan to my benefit as well.

I'm glad for both of you :smile:


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That is great news. hope he continues to go to meetings and stay clean. Eventually people will see that he turned his life arond and he will have an easier time getting a job and a nice APT. -RM