difficult child update and ex h lost it.

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by Jena, Oct 4, 2010.

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    they switched difficult child to liquid diet. she isn't eating. so they did back it up and change the approach. i addressed all my concerns with-nurse, pepto bismol etc. they stated they will address.

    so, it's liquid diet or feeding tube. so we're going with-liquid diet.

    ex h lost it in family therapy. he blew up, threw me under bus, he blamed me for all of difficult child's problems. told them i'm sick and i want her to have bipolar for some reason??!!

    on and on it went. i got so scared.i was ok an hr into it than when he started to escalate i literally started to shake. can't go down that road again, it soo triggered me from ten years ago and cops at door as he was threatening me with-a knife. just cant' handle that.

    told therapist i will not place myself in that compromising situation again you will have Occupational Therapist (OT) meet seperately with us. sorry. but no way.
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    That's EXACTLY what my bro told people in legal system to try to get custody of my son. I'm glad you were dealing with MH profs so they could know a little better instead of automatically assuming he was telling the truth.

    It sounds a little more promising about this program - I hope the liquid diet works better than the previous method.
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    omg i'm so done. i have been on phone for 3 hours calling doctor's and running up and down stairs at hotel faxing over consent forms to release all diagnosis's to hospital. i have a headache and my eyes are killing me. i'm taking some aspirin. i think i inidatated them with-info info from past treatment providers to give them insight into what their dealing with when it comes to difficult child. i also hopefully am proving that i am not some sick mom who wants her kid sick and it's ex h with whom is mentally ill.

    wish me alot of luck!!!!!!!!!!! i'm going home tmrw to see easy child and husband. i can't wait. than it's back to here again.
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    This worked for me, Jen- keep stressing that you are not a MH prof (this reminds them that you realize you aren't one and are not trying to diagnosis her yourself0 and you have taken her to MH profs because you didn't have the answer and this is what the MH profs came up with and what they have recommended and you are advocaating for and pursuing those recommendations that the MH profs gave. And I pointedf out the in my humble opinion, it is the person that doesn't want to believe the profs or pursue their recommendations that are out of line and in denial.
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    I got it done! all doctor's are being faxed. they didn't make me drive to sign consents. I also won with-hospital first round they switched difficult child to liquids, their finally listening a little. i was just downstairs printing up how to handle a food phobia yet printer ran out of ink Ofourse!!! so their backing it up, putting her on liquid and listening to my approach. which is therapy 45 min. each day liquids than build up slowly to solids. for a lasting effect because right now their just freaking her out.
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    Now THAT makes sense to me.

    I wouldn't worry about the X making you look bad...he didn't. In fact, his denial makes HIM look very, very bad. My X's denial may very well cost him his visitation!
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    It's true Jena - he threw himself under the bus, not you. Remember you went there seeking help...he had to be asked to come in and his hysteria was probably transparent to the professionals you're working with. I wouldn't worry about him - just keep doing what you're doing and advocating for your daughter while protecting yourself as well (from exh).