difficult child, Update and Job Hunting

Discussion in 'Parent Emeritus' started by hearts and roses, Oct 22, 2007.

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    difficult child came home on Saturday - so far so good. She did her own laundry, folded it and put it away on her own :smile: (well, except for one last small load which she will do today). She also cleaned her room and organized all the things that I packed into bins. It looks neat. She even made her bed this morning before we left the house. Wow -

    I was horrified to see that she's missed many days of her medications over the past two weeks at her dads :slap:. I guess he was good about reminding her for a while and then just forgot about it or trusted that she actually took it. Well, even difficult child didn't know which end was up with her medications container. She couldn't tell what she had taken and what she missed. So we dumped it out together and reorganized it. It's in order and she takes it first thing in the morning. :flower:

    So, today is her first day of actual job hunting. Yesterday we drove around and noted all the places with help wanted signs in their windows. As we're leaving this morning I realized that difficult child never unpacked her toothebrush (ewwww!) :rolleyes: so I asked her if she intended on ever brushing her teeth before interviewing, etc. She went into her dopp kit bag in a huff and pulled out the toothebrush and got to it. We left and we're halfway to my office and I notice that she doesn't have her information/resume folder or the list of places to go!! OMG, have to turn the car around and go get them. Now I will be late for work. Yikes! :grrr:

    At 9:45 AM I gently remind difficult child that it's time to start pounding the pavement, she leaves and returns about 15 minutes later. I hadn't expected to see her for a couple of hours! She claims that she came back to complete the on line app for Walgreens. I asked her why she couldn't do that AFTER she had hit all the other places while she was already out! Jeesh. "What a maroon" as Bugs would say. Anyway, she turns on her heel in a huff and says, "Well I was HOT, mom, or haven't you noticed that it's like 90 degrees outside today!" Bwaahaaahaaa...I said I didn't care, closed my door and reminded her of the importance of the situation. I asked her if she'd like to go over the conditions of her living at home once more and she said no, not really and left to head back out to the other places. She called me after about an hour and said she got a job at Sharper Image. I asked when she starts and she said, "well, the guy has to call me in a couple of days"....oh, okay. I told her to continue and hit the other places and keep her 1PM interview. She asked, "why if I have a job?" Uhhh, hon, it's not a job until they give you a start date and time. Duh. She was angry, but she pressed on. :smile:

    So this is fun, and hard, but I don't care. :warrior:

    And this is the girl who said she was ready to live on her own 6 weeks ago. Yeah, right. And I'm an astronaut.
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    Well all in all it sounds like it went pretty good. Just don't back down and she'll get it, that you didn't just make up the rules, you actually intend for her to follow them.
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    Its funny. easy child 17 has been looking for a job. Everything seems to be online applications everywhere. I think it stinks!
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    <div class="ubbcode-block"><div class="ubbcode-header">Originally Posted By: bby31288</div><div class="ubbcode-body">Its funny. easy child 17 has been looking for a job. Everything seems to be online applications everywhere. I think it stinks! </div></div>

    on the other hand, it's been good as far as sending apps out in difficult child's name!! Haha. I sent out 3 in her name for some local businesses. She has a pharmaceutical technician certificate by the state of CT, so she can work in any pharmacy. So that's who I sent them out to!
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    Ha....good idea!!!!
  6. Hound dog

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    Good idea Jo!!!

    Good for you for making her stick to it. Job hunting isn't fun for anyone.

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    Good luck to difficult child in finding a job! I am having trouble motivating mine to get out there again.
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    funny how they move in and move out. ant has moved in and out so many times I lost count. this time only his stuff moved in and I am still boxing it to store.

    I like having people in the house, hope she is a good guest! lol
  9. hearts and roses

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    difficult child got three job offers.

    One at Hallmark Cards she said no to because it would be lifting heavy boxes in the back room/store room and with her strange aches and pains, it wouldn't do well (I actually agree on this one - she was diagnosed with Fibromayalgia by the chiro, thought she doesn't know yet).

    Another was at Bath & Body Work, though not official yet so she's waiting for the call today.

    And lastly, the Sharper Image job, which she really really wants. For the life of me, I cannot picture her working there. It seems like such a 'guy store' and I've never EVER seen any women workers there. Am I being a sexist?? Haha. I asked difficult child what her starting hourly pay would be and if she told them she needed at least 30 hours per week. She just looked at me and walked away. Oops, I guess that translates into helicopter parenting...haha.

    So, she put out 10 applications so far and got 3 offers in 2 days. She is taking today off, she said, she she can be available for calls. omg.

    Tomorrow she's up and at 'em again. She will come to work with me and continue her job search. I just didn't have the strength to argue with her. And, to be honest, it's a real pita to bring her to work with me.

    Thanks for the well wishes.