difficult child very manic keeping her safe

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by compassion, Dec 12, 2008.

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    It has been quite a time. I think I averted her from running yesterday and charging uo hundreds or thousands. I cancelled the crdit card. I went to the Mall where she said she was. She called and said she was at the Mall. I asked where. She threw a fit and ordered me back home and insisted she spend the night at Em's. This is not perfect but no steet drugs and know where she is ( it has been since Nov, 17 since I do not know) The last time she ran it was through a meet up at the Mall. I also would not give anymore money.
    She is not doing any healthy things for herself but isso manic that being at home is next to impossuble.
    Today, sheworks at Humane Society, going to AA, voice lessons, and a movie. Compaasion
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    Sending hugs and strength. My easy child also goes nuts at home. It is so good you have set her up with healthy outings. Hopefully the animals at the humane society will be able to reach out to her. Pets have a awesome ability to help our souls feel peaceful.
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    Adrianne, Thanks for the support. She loves animals and is gifted with them. They want her to work there. I try so hard to channel her in healthy ways. Thanks for recognizing that. Compassion
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    i'm sorry to hear that she is so manic. it is so difficult when they are like that to channel it in positive and healthy ways. Andy is right good for you for making those outlets available to her.

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    Jeennifer, It sounds like lyou are dealing with something simiar only your daughter is aobut 5 years younger. As yo can see from my other post, she does not want to do what is healthy. I so much want her here but she is doing these really unsafe things. It is taking so much energy to not have her run, use durgsor alcohol. I had to be very hardnose. She was like I do not feel like going to voice, I do not want to do art, I want to hang out with my durggier friends. I am like , you are 15 your choice is to comply or be hospitalized. She did for 3 weeks and partly due to manic cycling ,she was extremly non-compliant this past week. It is sitl her choice though Iwill suport and channel as much as humanly possible. Some of it right now is she is exhsauted, hasns't been eating properly and prably tons of caffeine, hours of unmnitore video games etc.
    So far she has doen humane society, AA, Arby's, voice and Cory (my 18ds) is takign her to see that new Scin Fi flick.
    So that IS mor ecompkiance than she has done in a week. :) Compassion