difficult child was approved for health insurance

Discussion in 'Substance Abuse' started by Nancy, Feb 13, 2013.

  1. Nancy

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    difficult child had her appointment today with the financial dept and was approved for free health coverage. All doctor visits and dental visits are free. She can get her tonsils out for free. They even have a stop smoking program that is free that she says she is going to check into. She asked me if I thought they had counseling and I told her to ask. I asked why and she said she would like to talk to someone to help her. She said they told her they were only accepting the first 20,000 that applied so it's good she got in quick and asked how she heard about it. I read an article about it in our newspaper and am so glad I made her jump on it quickly.

    I am soooo relieved I can't tell you. She's had no coverage now for a year.

    She picked up her packet for the second job and has to go for a drug test. I asked if she would pass and she said yes, she doesn't do any drugs at all and hasn't for a long time. I hope she's right. I did remind her that she has a tendency to self sabatoge when things were going good and to do whatever she needed to do to stay on the straight and narrow.
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    You have the world's permission to exhale, Nancy. It's not over but positive steps are following positive steps. I would be in "hope for the best but stay prepared for the worst mode"...but with a slight hopeful smile. I really am happy about the insurance. It's such a HUGE problems throughout our Country. Hugs DDD
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    I've been wanting to use that. I'm so happy for difficult child (and you, too).

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    I am so so so thrilled!
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    I deem you "most excellent warrior Mom!" You may now take a bow...
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    :hapydancsmil: I'm doing the happy dance for you and your daughter!!!! -RM
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    Oh, Nancy, that is SO HUGE. It is almost impossible to get health insurance here unless you have a baby (ugh!). I'm so glad that's one less worry you have!
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    Nancy, I am so happy that difficult child was able to get the insurance, and that it seems she is taking steps in the right direction. I hope the second job comes through for her. hope this is the new beginning for her.
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    This is great news! Sure hope she continues a positive path!

    I'm really happy for you.
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    And they offer dental as well? She should be doing jumping jacks lol! Glad she got it!
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    This is wonderful news! Things seem to be coming together for her. I am thrilled.