difficult child was approved for the Abilify!


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Abilify, without insurance, costs anywhere between $400 and 600 a month. There was no way that we could afford that on top of the DBT. So her DBT therapist suggested that we apply for the patient assistance program from the company that makes Abilify.

I had originally thought that our income would count but the wise warrior moms assured me that difficult child could apply using only her income. So we sent in the forms and just found out that the Abilify was sent to her psychiatrist and she could pick it up today.

Please keep a good thought that it will help with her depression and stabilize her moods.



More great news!!!! Love it!!! Hoping this is what helps her, Kathy!! :)

Calamity Jane

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Very good, Kathy, I am thrilled the approval came through, and I hope it really helps difficult child. Way to go, DBT therapist!


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Oh I'm so happy for your difficult child!
As you know the Abilify has worked wonders for my depression and anxiety...the mania really came on yrs ago after having used Lexapro, a antidepressant, alone.
I think you should see a noticable difference in your difficult child's mood within a week or so...sure didn't take long for it to have a very positive affect on me.

Boy you are so right about the cost of Abilify...that drug manufacturer is certainly proud of it's product, sigh.
We don't have insurance though I do qualify for assistance from Choctaw Indian tribe...unfortunately the tribe doesn't carry Abilify...I think it's still to new (and expensive) a drug for them.

Best wishes...and outcome!


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Congrats! Cory is taking abilify too. Dont know if I told you that or not. It really seems to be doing well for him. Heck the fact that he actually decided to go back to the psychiatrist and ask for medications shocked me...lol.

Now Cory asked the psychiatrist for help quitting smoking and the psychiatrist gave him Chantix but warned him he has to make sure he takes that abilify or he will end up in the hospital!


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Just thought of something else...Your daughter may want to take the Abilify just before bedtime and when she does not plan on going back out (driving) for the evening. 2 of the potential side effects (of which there are many) are sleepiness and blurred vision. I don't drive when I can help it after taking the medicine.

by the way, I started out at 5 mgs and now take 10mgs.