difficult child wasn't too happy with his cousin, me, on the other hand,

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  1. Wiped Out

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    was loving his comment he made to difficult child (even though he can be a bit of a difficult child himself).

    Yesterday we had a beautiful day at the beach (Lake Michigan) with my sister in law and great nieces and great nephews. As we were walking away from the beach difficult child wanted something (can't remember what) and I said no. difficult child started whining and I told him yeah you should wine you are so deprived. difficult child responded that yes he was and my great nephew apparently disagrees. He told difficult child how luck he was to live in a nice house, have things that we bought for him, that we took him places and did things with him.

    Today when difficult child started complaining again I brought up how he should be thankful for what he has and he told me that he wished his cousin had never said that and I should just drop it.

    Hmm-makes me think a nerve was struck!
  2. pasajes4

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    :people_crybaby: poor deprived baby. Shame on you for not giving him everything his little heart desires. LOL
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  4. buddy

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    Hahaha ....thanks cuz
  5. JJJ

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    LOL...when I point stuff like that out to Tigger, he always tells me.."It is time for you to stop talking now!" We really do need to get these two together! Think I'll be in your town a couple times this school year!
  6. Bunny

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    Sounds like he didn't like hearing that he's a lucky kid. I think that they're all like that. They only care about what they can't have and are never satisfied with what they do have.
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    Hahahaha! It's always more pointed when it comes from someone closer to our kids' ages.
  8. buddy

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    JJJ that's good! Q lately is telling me, "That is not the response I was expecting" (they use the terminology of expected and unexpected behaviors with him in school, if he impulsively hugs or something they remind him that was an unexpected behavior. His social skills school does that too. )

    Gotta love it when you know it sunk in a little bit.
  9. klmno

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    LOL! Yes, it does sound that way but I suppose it's a good sign that he at least knows it deep-down, even though he won't admit it and it messed up him playing that card on you. I think it's great that the comment was made by another youth and not an adult this time.
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