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    so who else has a difficult child on the edge?? due to easter?? does your difficult child go wild with each holiday, can't sleep, revved up beyond compare, talk fast, just activated beyond belief??

    it's like christmas all over again......... with each holiday we brace ourselves and bare down knowing what will come, about 4 days prior she'll be up till 2 or 3 a.m. so hyper she can't stay still. during day it's obsessing about the upcoming holiday, speech so rapid you have to tell them to take breaths. argumentative and touchy.

    i love to see kids happy and excited, yet the managable amt lol. easy child used to be excited, yet slept, ate, spoke in a language i could understand.....

    there should be special procedures for holidays to survive it! anyone else............. going thru it??
  2. difficult child needs the structure/routine of the school week, so I have lots of rotten difficult child behavior to deal with. I hope the Easter Bunny leaves some sedatives.
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    lol thats funny.............
  4. And I meant my basket, not his.
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    Mine is all about the candy, but this is the same kid I've actually had to draaaaaag out of bed on Christmas morning.
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    My difficult child has pretty much killed every holiday the past 2 years. When in residential the first time, she would get herself in trouble and be set back to level 1 so she couldn't come home (don't know if this was intentional or what). Now she is awaiting her spot in the DBT residential and in DT, so we can't take her anything and she can't come home for awhile-she was in Observation and Assessment over Christmas as well.She acts like it's no big deal!
    She always got very excited and loved holiday traditions. If you forgot one of them,she would remind you that you didn't "get Christmas Jammies" or whatever. I think the excitement puts some of our kids over the edge-they just can't hang onto themselves.
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    When Sonic was a toddler who acted out if he was overstimulated, we downsized our holidays for just our immediate family and did not travel. That way everyone had fun and things remained stable. He still isn't much on traveling or crowds (even family crowds) now that he is almost a young man, but at least we can bring him and, if he is allowed to spend a lot of time in a separate room, he can hold together quite well, even talk to people if they ask him questions. But he still prefers the times we stay home for the holidays and do them quietly at home.
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    My difficult child gets very manic around holidays. The excitement is too much for him. Trying to keep things simple doesn't do much for my difficult child. We really didn't make a big deal out of Easter this year (haven't for a few years-no decorating, small meal, just us). We barely mentioned it but difficult child knew it was coming up. He was up at 2 a.m. this morning and couldn't get back to sleep and wouldn't leave husband and me alone. At one point he was hitting his wall and it knocked stuff off a bathroom shelf. I finally gave him his morning medications at about 3:40 and by 4:40ish he did fall back asleep (until 8:00).
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    Easter has always been the worst for Matt, and I have no idea why. Halloween has a lot more sugar involved. Yet seasons have always affected him, and the Spring is the worst, as it can be for a lot of kids with Bi-Polar. There is actually a lot of research that supports that the increase in light in the Spring and Summer can elevate mania in Bi Polar patients. So yes, she is being a very normal difficult child. Sigh. I know.