difficult child's team did it!


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My difficult child played his first year of "real" Little League this year. He hasn't played since T-Ball (he was bored!), but jumped right in to the 11/12 year old group this year. He had a rough start because he wasn't as experienced or as old as many on his team, but several months later this is the conclusion of the season: NASA AREA LITTLE LEAGUE CITY CHAMPS 2007

difficult child wanted to quit he was sooo embarrassed as the season began, but I'm not one for giving up and I pushed him along. NOW he's a member of a team that worked really hard together (there is no SUPER star, they just worked hard as a team.) and won the City Championship. This is something that very likely will not ever happen again in his lifetime. I was soooooo proud and now he is, too!

I so seldom get a chance to brag..... :thumb:


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I am thrilled for your family. Those wonderful days make up for
the many difficult days of childrearing! Congrats! DDD


soo cool. That is so good. Glad he didn't give up. He EARNED this championship along with everyone on his team. How wonderful.

:bravo: :thumb: :dance: :bravo:


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Happy he stuck around for the team's championship....he might remember how he wanted to give up, but now can see that it was worth the wait.....one of life's little lessons he has experienced first hand!