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    i called medication examiners office to see if I could get a preliminary report- per attny's suggestion. They don't do that but when I mentioned them waiting on toxicology results, they said they were waiting for a few different things to come back but it sounded like she didn't want to get into it- like it was either secretive or would hurt me more- what else could they be waiting on?

    I'll delete this later so I don't get any responses from someone who just joined to be cruel to others.
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    I don't know the answer - whenever people die (like celebrities) they always say it takes 6-8 weeks to get all the toxicology reports back but I'm not sure what part takes that long. I just want you to know that i care and am sending ((hugs)) your way. My prayers are with you and your son.
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    It isn't all about "tests"... they need all the other reports, too, such as the police report.
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    and what else
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    I don't know the others - but there is always reference to "reports" not just one, so...
    I don't know if they pull the 911 recordings - they would for an inquiry.
    Hopefully someone else has more experience than I do.
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    we're talkingg about the autopsy report- the medication examiners report- if they are letting police tell theem what to put in that, isn't that like the tail wagging the dog? I thought the police were also waiting on medication examiners report to finalize their report. If anyone knows what "the other reports are" please, let me know either here or thru PM. I just don't get it. Toxicology and any lab results, I can see.
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    Tox reports are different than when you get a cbc at your doctors office. It takes much longer to get all those things back. They have to run everything from pathology testing, blood work, all fluids, etc. I realize when you watch the shows on TV the reports come in within the hour but that isnt true in real life.
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    I got the police report first, then the death certificate, which listed cause of death. I was unaware that they were even doing toxicology reports on my son, since he was not driving and was the only fatality in the accident. The police report was a huge, fat, thing, but I never got anything else regarding the toxicology reports. I did hear later that the reports showed no substances in his blood (which wasn't surprising since he didn't have any known addiction issues, just the "normal" teenager smoking cigarettes, riding his dirt bike where he wasn't supposed to, etc.). I don't remember how I heard the test results because my memories are a little foggy. There was legal action against the driver, but I was in too much pain to follow it up much. She was just being a nitwit teenager herself and was charged with involuntary manslaughter. I had no part in any of that. It might be different in different states, and since the police are involved in your case, I'm sure it's different. My trust level is low and I would "lawyer up" and get all of the information you can, even if you can't read it right away. All of the newspaper clippings, reports, cards, etc. are in a box and I just haven't reviewed them since they went in the box.

    Hugs, light, and love to you. I think of you so often. I'm part of that club no one wanted to join, too.
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    The coroner needs to determine the cause and manner of death. The cause is gunshot wounds. The manner needs to be determined by other things, police reports, 911 call, evidence found at scene, interviews, etc. For example, the cause of death in a drug overdose is a drug overdose, the manner could be suicide or hoimicide or accidental or undetermined. To determine whether a death was suicide the coroner would need to know if there was a suicide note or if he/she expressed a desire to kill themselves so interviews may need to be done.
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    k, are you going to read the autoposy report yourself? Have you ever read one before? I'm asking because it's very difficult thing to get through if you are not prepared for it. At least for some. Sounds like maybe they are waiting for "all" of the reports not just the toxicology and perhaps being quite evasive too. JMHO.
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    OK, once again(LOL)- I'm not questioning why toxicology reports take so long or why anything takes so long. I'm asking what reports, other than toxicology and lab, the medical examiner could possibly be waiting for and need to finalize his report. The question isn't why or how long, the question is what are they.

    The death certificate was filed this week- we already know cause and manner of death. Homocide; multiple gunshot wounds.

    Yes, I have read an autopsy report before, my father's when I was a child.
  13. Nancy

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    The attorney should know the answer to that. I'm not sure anyone here would have the expertise to know that. I'm not trying to be difficult at all, I'm just saying I don't think someone that isn't in that business would have the answer to that.
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    I asked the medication examiner's office. She wouldn't say anything other than "several other reports from different sources" besides toxicology. She got pretty quiet after that. So much so, that's why I'm really curious now. I can see them doing toxicology and lab to see if he had any drugs or alcohol in his system but I can't figure out what other type of report they would need and who'd be providing it. It's not up to them to determine who shot the gun and if it was justifiable. I mean, there's no test they can do on a brain to look for MH issues is there?

    ETA: I know you, nor anyone else, was trying to be difficult. I'm just frstrated- it doesn't take much these days.
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    If they have the cause of death, I'd say the other reports......or info they're gathering are most likely to determine if "reasonable force" was used. For this they'd need the police report. I would imagine they'd need statements from officers and others present to recreate the scene, perhaps match the events to the evidence found during autopsy, or not as the case may be. They're going to be careful and cautious with their investigation due to this. I would imagine it will take a while. While the coroner doesn't decide if reasonable force was used, his evidence helps determine if the facts stated in the statements are correct and complete; and that is important. If he spots a flaw or evidence doesn't match up to statements, the investigation will continue as they will need to find out why that is so.

    I would imagine this process can take a while depending on case loads ect.

    I know with bff it took months for her toxicology reports to come back. That can depend on the location of the lab and their caseload for processing.
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    It is hard when they won't tell you what is going on. I have no firsthand info, but I did some basic searches on "tests done during autopsy" and I cannot find any specifics. It has to feel like no one there cares, and I am sorry that they won't give you straight answers. You may eventually need an atty to get the answers you need.
  17. DammitJanet

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    K, the SBI are the ones who do this type of investigations and they are not going to release them to a third party even if you are the mother before this information goes completely through the system. At some point it will probably be open information but not at this point. If per chance this was ruled a bad shoot, then this information would be needed as evidence in a court case and if it was given out to you the evidence would be tainted.

    So as of now, you just have to let it be and I know that is very hard. Im so sorry.
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    Yes, there is a state investigation going on with the SBI and that is separate from the medical examiner's report. I was referring to medication examiner's report, which I am allowed to get a copy of when it is complete. I don't know if forensics, such as distance shooter was from my son, go in medication examiner's report or SBI report. I do know medication examiner's report gets put with SBI report in the end. Right now, they are 2 separate things, ongoing.
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    Even with a death certificate, everything needs to be finalized. I think an autopsy is full autopsy regardless of the reason for it. So they go thru all of the tests, take all if the samples, etc. a full autopsy is a full autopsy - they must do it all. I don't think there is any reason to be concerned about the length of time. AFAIK, determinative toxicology tests and cultures - all parts of a full autopsy- take weeks - if not a full month. They can't decide which tests to run, the very nature of a full autopsy is to run them all. Then it has to be certified once ALL the results are in ... I imagine they will be extra cautious with this case- and that will take a while too.

    FWIW, my dad died of an infection- no foul play or malpractice suspected- but he could not be cremated until cause of death could be certified- and he did not have an autopsy. It took 2 weeks. We didn't do the autopsy because we we warned it would hold up his cremation for at least a month.

    So I don't think the delay/tests are worrisome- just SOP
  20. DammitJanet

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    Didnt you already get a preliminary report?

    ETA: K...I am just going to say this because I have not ever had to deal with anything like this and god knows I hope I never do, but I would really ask someone from Victim's Services at your local court house. They should be able to tell you everything you need to know and help you access any services that are available in that area for people in your situation. You are not the only person who this has happened to. Maybe not the exact same situation but their are other parents who have lost kids tragically and they can help. Victim's Services is there to help you. Please contact them.