Diving back in at Week 36

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    36 is my new lucky number. I am starting back on the ww program (not the meetings, just the plan) on Tuesday. A friend from work is bringing in her scale for our weekly weigh-ins and we will trade bringing in low points snacks and lunches. I am working a program for my life (alanon) and as a way of taking care of myself I want to make better choices about what I eat. Oh and I'm getting WI Fit for my birthday present to myself.

    It feels good to be back :) Michele
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    Glad you have decided to take control of another aspect of your life!!!!!

    Alanon is for life, and maintaining a healthy lifestyle is as well! Good for you. It's great that several of you are doing WW together. It's so much greater when you talk to others about recipes, successes, and get motivated when you stumble.

    Keep us posted!

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    Michelle, working on your health with someone else is always much easier. The weekly weigh-in sounds like a good idea. So does al-anon.

    I saw the gastroenterologist last Thursday. He said I can come off the diet pills at the end of the month but I have to really try to maintain my weight and not gain, to help my liver continue to recover. It still has a long way to go. Meanwhile I have other problems developing. I'm having trouble with my shoulders and hips, the GP thought it was spinal problems and wanted me to see a neurosurgeon. So I saw my neurologist the next day and he's not so sure it's spinal, thinks it could be rheumatoid or something else, some other inflammatory process. He suggested polymyalgia rheumatica, but I'm not so sure.

    So here it seems I stop, at the 20 Kg mark. I'd like to lose a little more, maybe drop down to 75 Kg for sure (instead of just touching it occasionally). We shall see what happens...

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    Michell, good for you! Keep up the motivation - it is the hardest part.
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    Good for you! I love that you are taking care of you!:)