Do any of you have phones via internet?

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by DDD, Mar 3, 2009.

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    easy child/difficult child "has the opportunity" to sell video phones that operate using the internet connection. I'm doing at home research and thought I'd ask The Board to share what, if anything, they know about the subject. He has never sold before but the income potential appears to be valid and significant. I am an old salesperson and he seriously said "you know I will need your help since my memory isn't too sharp anymore". :anxious: Input, anyone. DDD

    There are so many looking for work that I actually think that I could easily sign up a sales team to work under him as it is done independently. We have
    friends and relatives out of State that are actively seeking opportunities. Hmm.
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    My only internet telephone experience is with Skype. My inlaws use it quite a lot. The connection is clear and never a problem. Skype is a free service, but not a video one, I don't think.

    The inlaws have many friends in other states, and in other countries. I personally only heard one call overseas on it, to Ireland, but it was very clear. Actually it was clearer than many of my cell phone calls!

    Just thought I would add what little I know.
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    Thanks. I "think" that the product is probably fine but the sales plan would be too much pressure for him. All he is seeing is $$$ signs, lol...
    and...that I could help. in my humble opinion :( he's too too young and I'm too too old.