Do any of you have strange nightmares

Discussion in 'Parent Emeritus' started by DammitJanet, Jun 12, 2009.

  1. DammitJanet

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    I seem to have really strange nightmares relating to something to do with the boys. They are very frequent too. At least one or two a week.

    Either Billy wrecks my car. Sometimes I am in it and we drive off a cliff. Sometimes I am not in it and I find my car wrecked in my yard.

    Sometimes the nightmare has something to do with Cory and jail. Various episodes on that theme.

    Sometimes it has to do with Jamie and some sort of in the line of duty issue.

    I had a horrible nightmare last night about the boys being younger and all of us were at someones house. We were putting together some item that I cant recall but there was this electric drill type thing, ok...not exactly a drill...but it had this little metal piece sticking off this motor that stood up off this canister type thing. Almost looked like an oxygen tank but with the little metal piece that came out the side and the metal piece spun and you put something on there and held it there to make it. Now I cant remember what it was that was made.

    Well...Cory decided to hold the thing on by putting his mouth on there instead of his fingers. (remember its a dream) And this caused his teeth to spin around and around and come out of his head which caused his brain to disconnect and pull out from his head. He was sitting there with his brain gushing out of his mouth and we were screaming and crying and he was trying to stay alive while we were trying to rush to the hospital and I was saying in this monotone baby is dying, my baby is dying. I get to the hospital and they kept killed him, you killed him. I kept telling them, you dont understand, you cant stop him from doing things.

    My dreams are much more vivid now since the meningitis. They are more like the delusions I had.
  2. AnnieO

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    You're not weird, this happens to me too. Fortunately I rarely remember them past a couple of days later.

    The only one that sticks in my brain is the one I had a couple of years ago, when BM was denying my husband visits with the kids. The dream was her laying into his car with a baseball bat. difficult child 1 tried to stop her, crying, and then I saw difficult child 2 laying there with his head bashed in. She started hitting difficult child 1 in the head, then the cops got there and arrested husband for aggravated assault (he wasn't there till that point!). While they were putting him in the cruiser she started hitting me, and I took the bat away from her so I got arrested and the cops took money from my purse and handed it to her. No one paid the least attention to the children bleeding to death there.

    So. If you are dreaming, it's your brain's way of dealing with stress. The more imaginative, the more stressed you are... I read that somewhere and it makes a lot of sense!
  3. CrazyinVA

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    I haven't had nightmares about my kids in awhile, but I have had them in the past. I noticed they were especially bad if I missed a dose of my Cymbalta ... a side effect they don't seem to publicize.

    Interestingly, when I dream about Youngest, she is usually quite young... around 9 or 10 I'd say. It was after that when things began to fall apart with her.. I suspect it's my own grieving coming through, for the loss of her "innocence."
  4. FlipFlops

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    I saw on a show about dreams that cars reflected your life. Like the car getting hit with the bat. Your life is being battered and it is affecting the kids maybe. I used to have nightmares about cockroaches and spiders on the ceiling. In reality I don't really care about spiders but I am a nut about cockroaches. I HATE them!! One dream was in a cave I was crouching in and I looked up and the ceiling was COVERED with cockroaches. In my dream I ran out and then realized in reality I had run also, knocked stuff off the banister and was sliding down the stairs. I'm lucky I didn't get hurt because there was stuff broken. The spider dreams are always a spider coming down from the ceiling into the bed. That has happened enough that when husband wakes and sees me throwing the covers everywhere and the light is on that he reminds me it was just a dream. I'm just glad I'm looking for things in the bed now instead of running out of the bed. It is kind of funny though.
  5. CrazyinVA

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    purple, that reminds me... a recurring theme in many of my dreams is an impending tornado... lol ... talk about imitating life :)
  6. DammitJanet

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    Its really odd. One of my delusions in the hospital was that I could watch Tony leaving the hospital after visiting hours and see him driving away and see him getting stopped by the cops. I thought I could see the tail lights on cars and watch the red lights on top of the cop cars when they pulled people over. Which is really odd since they use blue

    I also had delusions that Tony went out and got drunk and got in a fight. I thought he was on one of those judge shows on TV. Well actually I thought several of my family members were on judge I could write a whole book about that! It was quite bizarre. But when I thought tony got drunk and in the fight, I saw his hands had scratches on them and I really thought he had been in the fight and had gotten arrested and all that. No one could tell me different. In reality, scratches on his hands are normal...he does construction!

    Now my dreams about the car is that I am driving with Billy and we drive straight over a cliff and I can feel myself falling straight down. Not a thing in the world I can do about it. This is why there is no way on earth I will let him drive my car!
  7. witzend

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    Get your hormone levels checked, Janet. I got terrible nightmares like that when I was pregnant, and it also gets worse in menopause. My mom always had them, too. She said she stopped getting them after menopause.
  8. AnnieO

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    I have this recurring one where I am driving and hit a bump and go airborne for a few seconds... then another bump, airborne a little longer... Then another, and another and pretty soon I am thousands of feet above the earth and I just know that when I come down again I'm going to crash and die. I always wake from this one before that happens though. I think that one means I feel like I am flying by the seat of my pants & out of control in my life...
  9. Hound dog

    Hound dog Nana's are Beautiful

    Menopause is a possible reason. Also could be an after affect of the Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI). I had them for many months following the accident until I got fed up with waking all night long and got medications to sleep.

    I don't have them anymore.

    But I did have a dream a few months ago that I was riding in easy child's jeep with her and Nichole and we had a head on collision. I haven't been able to stay calm in her jeep since.......and I won't ride in it with both girls. lol Bit too vivid for my taste.:faint:

    Any medication changes? Travis had a seizure medication he tried once cause horrid nitemares. Don't recall the name now.

  10. Star*

    Star* call 911

    Look WHO you're asking.......:tongue:

    I frequently have technicolor dreams, sometimes I have them in black and white, and a lot of times I have fantastic REM sleep and then WHAM - odd dream that seems to mean nothing.

    I asked my therapist about a lot of these - did they have meaning (I got 2 dictionaries just to see) and he said that dreams are a lot like EMDR therapy without a guide. In EMDR therapy you get to go back to a traumatic event in your mind except you are in control of what happens via the training and the therapist walking you through it. You get a remote control of sorts and YOU get to be in a totally safe place controlling what is happening.

    IN a dream state - as I'm told - a lot of times it's our brains way of trying to fix things that happened so that our mind can file them in an appropriate place for storage/recall later on. IF we can work something out in a dream - then when we awake we feel we have a better handle on the situation. If we can't - we tend to get frustrated and that information the brain is trying to file gets dumped into a miscellaneous file.

    ALL THINGS we see, smell, taste, hear - are stored in our brains much like a digital camera and a chip. Everything. We miss nothing - but we can be distracted and not know we're hearing, seeing, smelling, tasting things - I guess in a way it's like ADHD in reverse.

    I know people who dream and get out the dictionary the next day and analyze their dream to mean something meaningful, or something that could be changing. I know people that have dreams and never think of them again. Unless it's to be mentioned as a funny or OH I had that happen in a dream once statement.

    I belive when you dream it's your body's way of taking all the things you have been hearing and seeing, tasting, smelling and trying to make sense of them. I also believe in premonition style dreams but NOT to the point that they disrupt my day. I think if you have the same dream or reoccuring dreams it again is the body's way of trying to make sense of a bunch of similar information that seems to have no place to be stored or no proper place in your head.

    This may sound odd too - but a lot of times if you really believe these dream dictionaries - what you think is horrible like a car crash or loss? May not have anything at all to do with car crash or loss. I do know if a dream continues to bother you that much you should probably get with a good therapist that does EMDR therapy and work though what you think it means.

    Dude just had a really odd dream that my big white dog came to his house, took his car, and was driving like a maniac through the woods near his house - and every time Dude got close to him to get him to stop my dog called him a horrible Yiddish word. - so go figure. I'm amazed - I didn't know my dog was Jewish.
  11. ML

    ML Guest

    I have dreams about manster all the time. I like your explanation about dreams, Star. That makes perfect sense to me.
  12. Star*

    Star* call 911

    I'll have to ask the dog how to say You're welcome in Yiddish - ML - lol :tongue: