Do I go to work or not?

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by klmno, Dec 27, 2010.

  1. klmno

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    If you work for a company that contracts out to the government and your actual work place is a government building, and all government offices are closed here except that essential personnel only are to report to work, and you try to call your boss but have to leave a voice mail because he doesn't have the phone turned you go to work? We apparently got a total of over a foot of snow between Sat. night and last night. I don't live that far away and might be able to make it but they haven't plowed the road I live on (no secondary roads) and the street looks like a sheet of ice from where people drove on it yesterday but it has stayed below freezing for two days.
  2. Mattsmom277

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    You've probably figured it out by now, but if you haven't, my guess is they expect you for work if you have been scheduled. In spite of being a non essential worker, as a private contractor, if you weren't given the day off I expect that you are to be in the office today? Are your roads passable if driving slowly? I think up here in the far north we are so used to horrible winter weather (today after wind chill it is 23 degrees below freezing ... celcius). How do things work on bad road days there? I do hate to think of anyone driving on wretched roads. If you do journey into work please drive carefully!
  3. DDD

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    Well, what choice did you make? I'm assuming they have a policy that wasn't shared with you. The decision is a poser.
    Fingers crossed that you are safe and warm. DDD
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    Boss called back about 9:00 and said to stay home. He said I didn't wake him up but he sure sounded half asleep. LOL! He said his street, which is a major street, looks like a solid sheet of ice, too, and since the building had gone to essential personnel only and we are not considered that, then just stay home and if I had stuff from work with me that I could do at home, maybe try to get something done. I do- I told him I'd work on travel plans for next two trips he wants me to take and he liked that's to Florida, TG!
  5. DDD

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    Glad you don't have to worry about what to do. Relief! Regarding Florida.....yikes it is going into the 20's at night this week.
    Even the dog doesn't want to go outside to potty, lol. Hope your trip will coincide with good weather here. DDD
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    The trip will be later on in Jan., then another in Feb.- actually I might be able to skip most of Florida and just go to the nearby states- near to Fl not near to here.
  7. klmno

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    When the snow is high enough to reach my doggies' bellies they have a problem going outside, too!
  8. AnnieO

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    I work on a military installation. They have a system that sends out emails and text messages.

    Well... The company I work for (we're contractors) says the installation web site, emails and text messages are not what we should use to base our decisions to stay home. We are to listen to a local radio/TV station - that always gets it wrong...
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    Klmno, glad you gave it that much thought. I hope he appreciates you (even though you woke him up,LOL!)