Do Moms get to retire???

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For the love of Pete! As if I don't get enough *drama* with the children I actually gave birth to. :hammer:

I'm having a nice little chat with a friend on the phone when N calls from b/f's house on the other line. I tell friend to hold on as I can't ignore it due to past history. Friend who is like a sis to me says sure thing. (she knows all there is to know)

N is trying hard not to cry. Says Mom please come get me, b/f, and the baby. I ask if there is something wrong with b/f's car? Uh, no. But please hurry. Now confused I ask what's going on, why can't b/f drive his car? She says cuz it's not his car anymore Mom. Please just come get us.

So pj clad I hop in the car and drive over there. I grumble as I have to knock on the door to let N know I'm sitting in the drive. She tells me to come in but stay out of the fight. I decline, saying no thank you. How about I put the baby in the car? A bit of quick thinking on my part as it gets baby away from the fighting and hopefully prevents me from sitting there half the night.

A few mins later N comes out to load a bag of b/f clothes into my trunk. I ask what the heck happened? B/f is 20 but still lives at home with his parents. She said she asked b/f if they could go out for something to eat. B/f didn't want to. His Mom decided to tell him to go get N some food. Huge enormous fight ensued where b/f explodes evidently telling Mom to :censored2: out and quit telling him every little thing to do and being a control freak with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) and went straight down hill from there. B/f thought his Dad would back him up, as Mom does have control issues. (and does have some strong OCDish behavior) Dad of course blows a gasket worse than Moms.

B/f suddenly finds himself kicked out and stripped of his car. N calls me in a panic.

Can't say I blame her. While we've had raging difficult children around here...... Well, let's just say it doesn't get to that degree. N didn't know what to do. And she was caught in the middle. Poor kid.

So I make arrangements with N to take baby over to easy child's house and then come back to pick them and b/f things up. (something I wouldn't have considered if it wasn't almost 10pm and cold outside) I told N this was silly. Odds were by morning all would be well again.

By the time I got back.....B/f and Mom had had a *heart to heart*. They both were blubbering. N was ready to pound her head in a wall. B/f has his car back, but I don't know about the rest. They are to pick up Aubrey asap as I drug easy child out of bed to watch her. :mad: And I just came home.


N says to me before I leave, Mom please don't ever do that to me.

I said hon, if I were to kick you out, you'd stay out. But not til morning. lol

B/f's Mom is a drama queen. A nice lady, but a true drama queen. And yeah, she has control issues. But doesn't excuse b/f's behavior one bit. And I told N so. N agreed.

Honestly, I think his Mom had 2nd thoughts because I showed into the picture. Since I don't know the grissly details, I shan't judge her. I've called b/f to the carpet a number of times over how he treats and talks to his Mom, right in front of her. She always seemed to appreciate it.

I'm so glad I didn't have to be the bad guy twice in one week and tell N her b/f is not allowed to stay here til his gets his own place.

*WHEW!* :smile:


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Good grief, Lisa. :hammer:

But to answer your original question [ QUOTE ]
Do Moms get to retire???

[/ QUOTE ]

NOPE! /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/919Mad.gif

Suz :princess:


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I wish! Retirement sounds REALLY nice, though..... I sure wish it were easier. I do have to say, though, that sounds like it was a royal mess. I am glad it seems as if it's all worked out.


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Boy...don't I wish we got to retire. :frown:

Glad boyfriend and mom worked it out, too bad they didn't do that before you were pulled into the whole thing. :frown:



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I thought the "drama" of the holiday season was supposed to be OVER! Gee just keeps on going!

Do we get to retire? nope, nada, ain't a happening :hammer:

Our roles sort of change to a referee, or a guidance counselor or whatever :princess:

I too want a pension (thanks Kathy) after doing this for this many years. :bravo: