Do you ever catch a witch...

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  1. Shari

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    in an ugly witchy situation that they can't weasle out of? Isn't it so much fun?

    Actual text from a text conversation I just had with cultured difficult child and her mom.

    Cultured difficult child "Can I come back to mom's on Sunday early for a birthday party? At 11?"

    Me "Dad says no. We have a family deal on Sunday."

    Cgfg "What kind of family deal?"

    Me "A family dinner. Gma and Gpa are coming in. Normally he doesn't care, but this one is a big deal."

    (long pause)

    Cgfg's mom "It doesn't matter to me but she was just wanting to go with us and you always say she should be able to decide what she wants to do."

    Me " Yes, that is the way it should bemost of the time. This is Nephew's going away party. He's leaving for the air force. All the family is coming in to get together on Sunday. husband has never outright told cgfg no and he wouldn't care if it was just a random family dinner. If you disagree that the going away party trumps the birthday party, call and we'll talk."

    Cgfg's mom "I was not saying that she shouldn't go to the going away party. If you thought that's what I said, sorry. I just wanted to know if she would be coming home later than usual."

    Me "It sounded that way. He's never told her no with-o a reason. We weren't planning for her to be late. Message when you are heading home and we'll have her there at 6 or whenever you get back after that."

    After a very, very long delay, she replied "OK". Which means, she knows she's busted. is not ok for us to keep cgfg past 6pm if she is not home and we have not arranged with her in advance (and I just said 'we'll keep her til you get there' - which never flies). If mom is not home, we are to rid ourselves of cgfg because "our time is up". We have to leave her at grandma's. Normally, this reply from me would be met with "leave her at mom's at 6 if we're not home." Always is.

    Yeah...she just wanted to know if cgfg was coming home late...what ever.

    Interesting, also, how she cares that cgfg should be able to pick where she wants to be NOW. How many times has she wanted to stay with us and mom said "no" cause she'd already been here enuf?

    (not that I want her, particularly, this weekend, but...this is what I deal with.)
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    It IS fun, I agree. The woman is an idiot and will probably never realize that she regularly cuts off her nose to spite her face. The way she accepts lies about not being told stuff you have emailed or sent her notes about, well. maybe it is good thing. Otherwise her nose would grow so long it would tip her over, even if she wasn't asleep.
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    She gives good witches a bad name!
  4. Shari

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    I should have replied "Lets just talk about cgfg deciding what she wants to do" cause cgfg's wanted to spend much more time here for the past 2 years and mommy dearest is adamantly against it. Heck, mommy won't even let her get off the bus at our house on Friday on the weekends she's here (another thing she wants to do)...she has to ride the bus to mom's, and then 45 minutes later, I drive to mom's and pick her up.
    She was at our house 2 days this winter when school was called off. So she got to spend an extra 2 days at our house - mom was at work both days. One of us had to take off work. She wanted to go with us to a wedding on Friday afternoon for about 4 hours. The answer was no because she'd already "spent enuf extra time with us" that week (remember? mom was at work - cgfg stays with grandma on snow days/sick days/all the time mom's not around and some of the time that she is). And the day we had Wee's birthday party in March, cgfg's gym class was playing in the park (I had no idea!) when we showed up to set up. She called her mom, using the gym coach's cell phone, not mine, to ask to stay for the party and mom said no, it wasn't our night to have her.

    So does she REALLY wanna talk about letting cgfg make a choice???

    I so missed that oppurtinity. Oh well.
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    Shari, I swear on all that's Swiss Cheese, CGFG's mom and BM have GOT to be the same person somehow. Somehow.
  6. Shari

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    easy child 1's girlfriend just reminded me of the Sunday night cgfg wanted to stay til 7 so she could eat dinner with us.

    "Dinner isn't a good enough reason for her to stay longer" we were told.

    And she wants to throw "she should get to choose" in my face...

  7. Shari

    Shari IsItFridayYet?

    So at 4:20 today, cultured difficult child texts me. She wants to eat steak with her mom before we pick her up. She says she'll be done by 8.

    I say sure, but we won't be home by 8. I say we'll give her a holler when we get home and her mom can run her over.

    Then she says it has to be before 10 or then we'll have to pick her up on Saturday. I say "ok".

    Then she wants to know when we'll pick her up. I say I don't know. When we get home or on Saturday.

    Then she wants to know what time on Saturday? Well, it would have to be early because I have to be at a clinic set up and ready by 10am. She doesn't want to get up early.

    This has gone on now for 30 minutes. I am trying to catch my horse 'cause we are riding to town for dinner.

    Then she calls. She wants to know where we are going. I tell her. She wants us to wait on her to eat dinner with her mom, then she'll come over and go riding with us.

    OM flippin' G. You're coming or you're not... I was so tempted to tell her to just stay at mom's...