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Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by Hound dog, Sep 30, 2008.

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    I'm telling you, after going thru an endless array of docs who don't listen to patients or poo poo symptoms, it is such an enormous relief to find one who actually listens to what the patient has to say regardless of age, experience, ect.

    Nichole went in for a physical for the EMT program. We'd decided while she was there to tell the new fam doctor about K's chiari malformation and inform him of the symptoms Nichole has been complaining of for years that other fam docs poo pooed or outright ignored. It didn't hurt to try again.

    So Nichole told him about the severe pains she gets in her head. Not real headaches as they don't last but a few mins, the paralysis and numbness in her hands, dizziness, visual disturbances, leg pains and nose bleeds. Not quite the severe symptoms of her sister, but also symptoms that might indicate chiari.

    doctor listened carefully. doctor gave her one heck of a physical exam. (more than usual) Then has ordered both an MRI and an EMG due to family history of the chiari. He doesn't think her symptoms are necessarily related to blood sugar as her level today was normal at fasting.

    Nichole was a bit irked as this holds off on getting her physical form signed for the EMT program. But as he said, this needs checked out first.

    I like this guy. And he's not afraid to admit when he doesn't know something. Because he said if it doesn't turn out to be the chiari, or something else that shows up on the MRI, then he doesn't know what it could be and we'll have to look into other testing.

    I could see the relief on Nichole's face to finally have someone actually listen to her and take seriously what she told them. She's at the hospital right now scheduling the tests. Keeping fingers crossed they can get her in quickly.
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    I am SO glad the doctor actually listened and then TOOK ACTION! This is rare. I so know the hope Nichole has that maybe someone will be able to help. I am happy for her. I will pray the doctor continues to be great, that they find something very very minor and simple to correct so that the troubling symptoms go AWAY!
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    I'm glad he listened. I know for a long time you have been concerned about Nicoles symptoms. It is difficult when you know that something is wrong and are pushed out the door in condescending manner.
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    Yeah! She goes in friday for the MRI, and the 6th for the EMG. :D
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    I'm so glad the doctor is listening-it's too bad it doesn't seem to be a common occurrence.
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    :bravo: for good docs! Keep us posted.