Does anyone else hate this time of the year?

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by ggluvbug, Dec 18, 2007.

  1. ggluvbug

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    My difficult child just can't seem to function in school in December. We have 9 weeks tests before the holidays and between tests and the general Christmas excitement, he is on anxiety overload. Today, he knocked his desk over. He is practically failing all of his exams (very gifted classes) and just can't seem to function in school during this time of the year.
    I am so glad that today was our last day of school for 2 weeks.

    He just got out of the hospital about 10 days ago, and he is alot better than he was, but this seems to be developing into a yearly thing.
  2. smallworld

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    It is hard for many of our difficult children to hold it together this time of year. Not only is there the excitement of the holidays, but some difficult children also do worse as daylight shortens (experiencing a form of SAD). FWIW, my son is in a day treatment program, and it's overcapacity right now.

    Glad your difficult child has a two-week break. Hope things improve as the new year approaches.
  3. nvts

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    Our oldest is in day treatment and I think that they're trying to talk the teachers down off the roof!

    difficult child 1 goes through this every year and we finally put it together last year. His anxiety level goes through the roof as soon as he sees the first hint of Christmas (thank you advertisers for making THAT earlier every year!! There's a special place in h*ll for you! lol).

    We made sure that this year we started early. It seems like we deflected a lot of the usual stuff by beating him to the punch.

    What sets him off? What do we do?

    1. He's convinced that he's been so evil that he's sure to have blown it for Christmas presents. We started "evaluating" early November: Wow! You had a much better year than last and look at the cool stuff you got for Christmas!

    2. Running around to get stuff done. 1 Hooky day for each child which they could collect after a good stretch of good school behavior. This way I could take them shopping 1 on 1 and then lunch or the zoo or something.

    3. Nervous about going to papa's for dinner and presents. We'll have dinner home and BRING dessert to papa's house.

    4. What if one of the others (bro & sis) want to touch his new stuff? One week moratorium on touching ANYONE'S new stuff barring administrative intervention via Mom (no negotiations without me present!).

    I don't know - it's working so far!

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    Yes, its always a bit tougher for my difficult child as well. Last year, she was in the hospital and then did their day treatment program. As it was a 2 hour drive (one way), difficult child, my little one, and I moved in with my mom for the better part of 10wks. so daughter could do the program. I missed most of the christmas season with- husband and the other kids. This year she's home but is in and out of crisis mode all the time. If she's not in a bad temper and physically aggressive, she's SUPER hyper and very giddy. We're all about to go crazy. I am hoping it subsides at least a little after the holidays.

    Wishing you all the best.
  5. Kjs

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    DECEMBER...that IS the month. That is the month he had his first anxiety breakdown and wanted to be admitted to a hospital years ago. This is the month that he normally falls apart during school, this is the month of the beginning of the falling apart.

    coincidence that this is the month he was born!!!

    Talking with school over the years, this is the time of year a lot of kids have troubles.

    yep..would like to skip December - March. Jump right into spring.
  6. gcvmom

    gcvmom Here we go again!

    My difficult child 2 was born this month as well, and it was a year ago November that he started his particular decline. And this year it seems to be happening all over again... a 2-day suspension this week and a single day suspension a few weeks ago.

    I never really thought about it much as a seasonal issue until now!

    No wonder I'm not in the holiday spirit this year... I just want to find a cave and hide out until April or May :frown:
  7. Big Bad Kitty

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    Tink's B-day is 12/10. Then Christmas.

    Not fair.
  8. crazymama30

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    Yep, this is not a good time of year, and difficult child's b-day is 12-10. That sure is a lot of December b-days. There is just too much anticipation with the holidays, and too much hustle and bustle.
  9. ggluvbug

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    I checked his exam grades a little while ago. He made a 45 on his reading test!!! So now he has a D for the nine weeks. :frown: I feel like this illness is robbing him of his chance to excel in school. He is highly intelligent, and all of this just gets in his was more and more.