Does Your difficult child Behave Differently When They Have a Fever??

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by jal, Apr 26, 2013.

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    Our difficult child never is a complainer when getting ill, in terms of going to the school nurse or even with us as a rule. But I have found ever since he was little that when he gets a fever he acts NORMAL. Not upset, or drained, but pleasant, calm and agreeable. Like the child I would love to have around EVERY day. Does anyone else experience this? difficult child rarely gets ill now as after having everything under the sun when he was in daycare (he is now 10 and has only missed a day a year since schooling started and even has had perfect attendance), but this week on Wed he complained of a sore throat, so I kept him home. No temp, but for him to complain, I knew something was brewing. He hadn't missed a day this year, but this has been his month. He got a concussion in the beginning of April, which caused him to miss a few days of school. Now the sore throat cropped up. I sent him back to school on Thursday as our rule is, no temp, no vomiting you go (thank godness, he is not school defiant). School nurse called me Thursday afternoon, came to her with headache and he had a temp. (Even she says he never complains!).

    I get to him and I can see he doesn't feel well. First thing he says to me is, "I'm sorry, thank you for getting me." This is the same child that I pick up daily from the aftercare program, who can't be bothered to acknowledge me and usually is soooo grumpy to see me (thanks, child:)). Next thing he says when we get to the car is again, thank you, mom. I am sorry you had to leave work, you still get paid right?. I told him not to be sorry, he is sick and I would get him anytime he needed me.

    Many hugs, I love you's when we got home (not totally the norm for him for all the affection, although he does at times, but sporadically). No fever after ibuprophen or thru the night. He woke this am completely stuffed up. I had his annual review and left him with husband while I did that. Came back, husband went to work and I stayed with difficult child. No fever this am, but it came back after he took a 2 hour nap and again, completely agreeable, loving (not clingy), but apologetic.

    He had a febrile seizure when he was an infant. Not that this has anything to do with it, but when he has a temp he behaves how I would imagine he always should behave. Not woe is me or a PITA, but just a joy to be around, calm, pleasant and engaging. I know that sounds so sad of me to say, but I do not understand why it is. Just wondering if anyone else experiences this...
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    In our house, it's just the opposite. I can always tell when difficult child 1 is GETTING sick (before he shows symptoms) because his behavior is more irritable and erratic. I know it IS sad to say but enjoy the child you have right now, while you can and then wait for the next germ to attack. (((HUGS)))
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    That's how I know difficult child is really sick. He's NICE to me!!
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    When my difficult child was younger and REALLY had the H in adhd, he was always quieter, calmer and nicer when sick.......
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    that is exactly like my son. He is so calm and polite when he is sick. When his fever gets over 102 then he gets pretty hard to deal with but that's understandable. But 99-101 he is such a sweet heart. But when he starts feeling better he gets pretty wild. it's so strange.
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    Mine really ramps up the behavior badly when she's coming down with something, but it's a hindsight thing, because it's similar to when her allergies kick in, PMS kicks in, her medication dose is being outgrown, her anxiety is being ramped by something she isn't talking about, etc. Once she finally comes down sick, she's very compliant and easy to get along with until she starts to get better again.
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    When my difficult child has a fever he is the sweetest, kindest child! (That is, unless it is a strep infection! The one time he had that it totally sent him into mania-which we found out later happens when people who have bipolar get strep.)
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    Isn't it amazing? Does anyone know why this "phenomenon" happens? It has always been this way. Today difficult child had opening day for little league, no fever and for the most part was good, but darn the attitude and ugh behavior was back. We were there for over 8 hours and while behaviorally he was fine he was just UCK to us at times.
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    When Sonic was young and exponentially hyperactive, he was much calmer and quieter when he was sick. We didn't want him to get sick, but it was almost like down time for us. Usually, he was never still.