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Ok. someone must have a secret ingredient to get out dog stains. We got new carpet in December. I did a lot of research and paid a lot of money for my new carpet, which I absolutly love. Has a 25 year warrantee against stains, but carpet warrenties void with pet stains. However they sold me on this carpet and the "pet pad".

I went to lunch with a friend yesterday and returned home to find that one of the dogs had thrown up 4 different spots on the rug. The carpet is a shade of brown, grey...a higher shag with a lot of twist. Multi color. You have to look close to see the multi color, it is just a really cool color. Actually thought I wouldn't see any stains. But the barf was such a orange/brown color I saw it as soon as I walked in. Didn't know which dog, suspected the little one since Chloe has a stomach of steel. As I was washing it up Chloe threw up again, a large amount but in the kitchen this time. Then I took them for a walk, and she did it again!!! Guess that wasn't the brightest idea.

anyway, I used Dawn dish detergent. I took Felsnaptha (sp?) on the rag also. I am afraid I will still see it. I covered the wet spots with a light cloth so the dogs wouldn't track more dirt onto the wet area. This morning I look and it didn't look noticable at first. Maybe because I know where the spots are I see something.

Anyone have the magic solution? I don't think anyone will notice, but I do and it really bothers me.

And, why is my dog so sick? She had been limping for about a week. Vet told me to give her one adult Asprin. Only for short term use. I gave her one yesterday morning. Could that have done it?

It worries me because Chloe will be 8 in a month and she is a bit overweight. She had trouble getting up. It makes me sad because she is my baby.

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Did the vet do any tests? When my dog began limping the first thing they looked for was Lymes and it was positive.

I think if she is still limping and/or puking, I'd bring her in to be seen.

The stains? Yah, wish I knew. I had to finally toss our old rug due to puke stains. The only thing that really seemed to do it was dish detergent and water, gently, and then soak up the wet. Another thing was Resolve, but that seemed to make that spot brighter. Finally, I began renting the steam cleaning machine once a month and that helped the most. I used the heavy duty, pet stain remover liquid the store sold along with the rental. Good luck with that one!


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I have used Resolve as a spot cleaner, then if there were still a faint sign, after the next steam shampoo of the entire room carpet, it is not noticeable at all.


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I use Resolve with some success.

For really stubborn stains I follow up the Resolve with a home remedy someone told me about decades ago: I pour some white vinegar, a small squirt of Palmolive dishwashing detergent, and a little water into a bowl, then stir....and use it to scrub.



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My dog is seriously allergic to eggs. What happens to her and my house is absolutely disgusting. Anyway, after she got some, she had a major loose one on my carpet in front of the entertainment center. I cleaned it really well, but it still left a tiny bit of a stain. However, two weeks later, it began to smell so bad it would make you want to hurl. We called the professionals. They got it all up and no more smell.

Being that it's brand new carpet, I would call a professional in.


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We tried baking soda and vinegar with some success (male dog, fabric sofa).


The vinegar makes the soda bubble, and so it bubbles up the stain. The baking soda helps with the odor. (I think the white vinegar does, too.)

But when I got a new carpet cleaner with upholstery attachments?

Those stains were GONE.

Can you rent a cleaner with upholstery attachments to address the spots and then, Scotchguard them again?

Or, contact the carpet manufacturer for advice. The manufacturer's websites are often filled with excellent information on stain removal.