Doggie update



After using the prescription shampoo (Benzoyl peroxide 3%) and giving her shampoo's every three days..she is back to her old self. She has some bald spots, but no red, flaky or open sores.
She is much more comfortable. Seems like I have my baby back. She seemed to have an attitude and just not very lovey. I thought it was because she didn't like the other dog. But, now Chloe is more active, playing with the other dog, cuddling with us again. She is still getting benadryl 2x's a day. But down 6 pills a day compared with the 15 she was getting.
Only have talked to the vet over the phone the past 3 weeks. He insists it is all allergies, but did not testing.
I have my doubts. Especially since this shampoo cleared it up. I am thinking it was mange. Maybe she initially had an allergic reation, or something to cause the hot spot...which then became infected. But she is fine and her old lovey self.


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Great news for Chloe........I hope it continues.

I will have to try that for my spaniel.....his skin is forever bothering him.