Our doggie passed


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Im in a depression because our dog of 16.5 years died Wednesday. Someone here posted wisely that the dogs tell you when it’s thete time. I had just gotten some interesting vibes from her along those lines.

But, we had a four day trip planned and I had no one to watch the dog. She had just had an excellent blood test and was energetic.

It was a short trip. We were to come back Tues. But our plane was late. I called the vets office and they said the dog had her bath and was doing great and I could pick her up Wed morning.

But before I could leave the house wed morning we got a text that the dog was very sick. Something about a spot of blood on her mouth Tues and fever today and falling during her walk that morning. The vet said he needed two hours to run many tests.

Turns out a vet was alerted to the blood and tried to open her mouth and she got nasty and abandoned his efforts.

What they think happened is she had a raging tooth infection. She also had a slight fever when we brought her in as noted in the chart but it wasn’t rechecked until wed morning and then it was very high.

We were having trouble comprehending what the vet was telling us when we went to pick her up wed and the truth is either he didn’t know himself or was sugar coating it.

When the tech came in with our dog I almost passed out. She was near dead.

We brought her home and tried to make her comfortable in her own bed. She could not stand or lift her head. She did not seem to have pain. We liquified her antibiotic and anti inflammatory and fed it to her using an eye dropper.

She died at around 11 pm.

We went back the next day. We reviewed her chart. We saw the vet owner. We saw some errors were made. I was a little worried about abuse, but don’t see it that way. I think that these places are too traumatic for older dogs and on top of that they were not diligent. She has a rep for bad dental problems.

Right or wrong I blasted him for handing me a near dead dog and shocking the crap out of us.

I also suggested that his office improve their communication skills and consider being more diligent with older animals.

At my previous vet where we use to live, they babied her big time due to being a senior dog. Here at the new place (we moved) she was treated the same as a young dog.

Anyway, I am very depressed. I take a little comfort in the fact that she died at home with us telling her we love her and that she is a very good dog.

Lots of lessons learned.

Major depressed and I just got a call from my doctors office that my autoimmune blood test came back so badly that they were alerted by quest.

Mind body connection.
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I am so sorry. I wish they had been more gentle with you about breaki g the news too. How traumatic.

You were so loving at the end, helping her cross to the golen bridge. What a loving way to send her to a better place.

Pets are family. I send my prayers for all of you.


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Oh I'm so very sorry! You know we lost our little girl to cancer last December so we know how much it hurts. What an awful thing to come home to. I'm sure your girl knew she was loved and that is the best you can do - love them until the very end. Nothing as loving as a dog should leave us so soon.


100% better than I was but not at 100% yet

I'm so sorry to hear this!

My dog is 12 so I know what you mean. He is kind of an old man now. We have another dog that is 8 also but last time we put them in the kennel (at the vet) they both came home stressed and pooping all over. We had to take them back to the vet for a shot and medication. Thankfully they did not charge us. They did check in healthy however!

I am going to a wedding alone in a few weeks back in Chicago where I just moved from. My husband will stay home because we don't want to stress them again. They are already out of sorts since our move and him going back to Chicago to work. They have had too many changes in too short a time.

Please find comfort in the fact that your dog was loved and in reality probably had a better life than many people! You will be with him again someday.

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Oh Nomad, what a shock to come home to. I am so sorry for your loss. Prayers for you and your husband to find your peace.


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Thank you.
I have found moving very difficult and Some things more problematic than others.
I had a neighbor usually able to dog sit and a very unusual and wonderful vet situation there.
Our dog had her own bed that they kept only for her at the vet. She also loved all the techs especially one.
I knew I could not replace this wonderful situation.

I am sick about it.

I don’t think I will have another pet. But if I were to even consider it, i would have to have an arrangement lined up first with a neighbor etc. for when we go out of town.
I thank God she didn’t seem to have pain , she was in her own bed and we were able to comfort her and shower her with love.
Thank you everyone.


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My husband and I are discussing contacting the American veterinary Association or whatever the professional organization is to ask them if they would consider asking vets to warn clients with dogs over a certain age (10, 11, 12?)that even healthy dogs with good test results might find the stress of boarding extremely stressful and it could result in their death. Perhaps it could be done voluntarily. It occurred to me that she could come back with a virus etc and that being an old dog would have a hard time shaking it. I also had (probably foolish in retrospect) hopes that they would exercise more caution due to her advanced age. I never thought it would be the worst of ALL circumstances...no diligent care and this resulting in near immediate death.


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I am so sorry for your loss. They are part of the family. I know how it feels to lose one after so many years. someone mentioned the rainbow bridge if you haven't seen it try and look it up. There was another one I can't remember the name but will try and find it.


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It sounds like me it wasn't so much the boarding as she was ill! They should have kept her and treated her! Our vet also has a boarding facility and we leave our boy there, even now that he's blind, and is alone without little Suzie, and he does quite well. They've let him run about in the grooming area from time to time and "give these old guys" extra attention. But any sign of illness, the vets are there and they'd have never let him go home in the condition you describe. I can't imagine any vet doing that! She could have been sedated to be examined properly. IV antibiotics or something! I'd call whoever licenses vets, the state level, and talk to them.


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I'm so sorry, Nomad. It's hard enough to lose a fur family member, but to add on the trauma...I can't imagine. Many hugs to you and your Hubby.


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lil...in my humble opinion the vet made a mistake. Hindsight is 20/20. He thought because she fought him off and wasn’t lethargic that it couldn’t be a bad infection. But given:
1. This breed is famous for dental infections
2. She has a history of dental infections
3. She was bleeding
4. Boarded older dogs seem to have a diminished immune system due to trauma
Yes, it was a Very bad call.
I wouldn’t call it abuse or malpractice, but a very bad call.

The vet said she died of septicemia. The infection spread rapidly into her blood.

in my humble opinion boarded older dogs need SPECIAL attention. She had that at the vet where we use to live. They understood this.

She was a wonderful little dog. Always energetic. Loved everyone. I miss her badly already.


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I'm sorry Nomad. I didn't mean to upset you more by indicating malpractice...I guess this is making me think of Suzie - we knew she had cancer, but she was boarded when we got the call that she was going soon - and just this week we've realized our boy is going downhill quite a bit. I want to know WHY. I'm not happy with the vet's "He's old" explanation. He's 13, not decrepit.

If I made it worse, I'm sorry.


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You are absolutely fine.
No worries at all.
But, I have since learned this is an odd thing about boarding older dogs.
Apparently, it causes trauma that weakens their immune systems.
Be very careful boarding an older dog. If you absolutely have to, then it should only be for one day and with special instructions to treat her carefully and with extra attention.
Honestly, I wouldn’t do it all and for only one day in an extreme situation and as I described.
I would either miss my plans or pay someone whatever it took to stay in my home.
I’m convinced it causes havoc to their immune systems. And it’s hard to say if you can trust everyone ...some might have a bad attitude. The dr might be ok or a tech might be caring, but a night tech could have the attitude that they are “old” so “who cares” and not be as caring or diligent.
I think this is the very sad reality.
It’s very upsetting.


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My Forever Pet
There's something missing in my home,
I feel it day and night,
I know it will take time and strength
before things feel quite right.

But just for now, I need to mourn,
My heart... it needs to mend.
Though some may say,
"It's just a pet,"
I know I've lost a friend.

You've brought such laughter to my home,
and richness to my days.
A constant friend through joy or loss
with gentle, loving ways.

Companion, friend, and confidante,
A friend I won't forget.
You'll live forever in my heart,
My sweet, forever pet.

- Susanne Taylor

This is absolutely beautiful. This is how I feel. Crying.


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I agree with the others.

You should have been phoned by the vet. Not a text.

She should have been sedated to permit her mouth be examined.

You should have been prepared beforehand by the doctor,for her condition. He sounds like a very inept person.

She should have stayed for aggressive treatment,not passed off to you.

There were missed signs, without adequate followup.

My sister brought her dog to be boarded, a french bulldog, and they left him on the sidewalk in his carrier, and he died.

But these things happen to people, too, who are vulnerable and old. Particularly if they are confused and cannot explain their condition. This happened to my mother.

I have blamed myself for 5 years and I think this is why it was so hard for me to deal with her death.

It is not your fault. The bottom line is your dog was old. She was loved greatly and treasured and treated in the best way you knew to do. You are not responsible for what others do or do not do.

That is the important piece. You need to forgive yourself.

I feel really bad for you. I am sorry.


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Yes. I have horrible guilt about boarding the dog. I give her organic baby food like sweet potato and pumpkin if she is constipated. We go the extra mile. To die this way is hideous.

I let the vet owner “have it” (badly). I cried (badly).

I felt badly afterwards. Not sure if it was fully appropriate. I don't know.

Can’t fully think straight.

I did appreciate his candor.

I asked him to improve his communication skills. He agreed. I asked him to work on being more diligent with older boarded dogs. He did not respond, but listened.

I assure you, he will never forget our meeting.


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Personally. I think you were very brave to allow this vet to see exactly the effect his choices and his business procedures had on you, let alone your beloved dog.

I am appalled at what happened.
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