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    This is the first time I've ever gotten to deduct medical expenses. That, along with itemizing other things and credit for difficult child, they owe me more than what I even paid in. So, since I'm only about 25% complete so far, is there any way to get more back than what I paid in? LOL!!

    Really, I'm not one to try to get something for nothing, but my itemized deductions equal 90% of my gross income. And I haven't even gotten to the point of any credits yet.
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    I think that if we can claim it, we should. And if it means that we pay overall less than we would have, more power to us! My feeling is that most governments get too much of our money already and it seems to find its way into the wrong people's pockets, so why not? As long as you're not doing anything underhanded or illegal...go for it!
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    Nope- I'm not doing anything illegal. I think this resulted from not changing my witholding when I left full-time employment/salary and had to start working part time by the hour, plus paying for insurance out-of-pocket. You would not want to see my resulting credit card debt.

    The status change at work occurred due to me having to take so much time off work for difficult child issues. Now, the company says they can't bring me back full time. They are hit by the economy too but I think it mostly has to do with them not wanting to go back and pay benefits and vacation time. Anyway, I am now in search of a full time job somewhere else.

    When I applied for difficult child's medicaid, they told me I qualified for other things (like medicaid for myself), but I didn't go for that. I'm not trying to take more than I really need and it would be harder to get back on private insurance at any kind of affordable rate if I dropped difficult child and myself off of it now. So I don't feel guilty getting all my taxes back- the only other time that ever happened was when I was 18 yo. LOL!