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    to include speaking to your employer if your child needs an out of home placement!

    husband was approached last week by his "big boss" about working on a logo and some promotional stuff for a foundation.

    THis foundation is being started to initially benefit the son of one of husband's coworkers - the child has both Asperger's and Bipolar among other problems. I am going to get in touch with the HR person (also a family friend) to offer any assistance I can.

    husband made several variations on a great logo and they are using one to print shirts and golf balls, among other things. There is to be a benefit golf tournament and other fundraisers. Once the foundation is established the company (a LARGE international company) will then use their matching funds program to match the amount raised.

    After the child's program is paid for (what insurance, etc doesn't cover) then they will branch out to help anyone else they can help. I really wish this had been available when Wiz self destructed, but he was under a different mgr then, one who really didn't have a clue.

    Anyway, I know some of us are, or have been, thinking about how to fund placements. Thought I would throw this out there.
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    Susiestar, I'm going to put this over in General. I think the General Folks would benefit the most from this post. Good information! Thanks.
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    Wow, Susie--

    That sounds great! Be sure to keep us posted....

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    Wow, what an amazing employer!
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    Oh, wow. Awesome.