Don't Poke the Bear

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  1. Hound dog

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    husband got a major lesson in this today. lol

    Yesterday I wasn't too bad. Ok, so once I went off on a tirade because, well let's face it, trying to teach yourself chemistry is not fun by a long shot. But for the most part I was so absorbed in what I was doing that I didn't know what was going on around me.

    When I got up this morning I told husband he had to mow the front yard. You can't "ask" husband to do anything if you want it done, you have to tell him. I told him the disabled boy who's been doing it hasn't been around the past 2 weeks and thanks to the rain it looked like a jungle. (I'm worried about my mower boy, hope nothing happened to him)

    Then I settle down for studying. Chemistry drives me nuts. I have a wonderful professor. He tries to help by only using material in the book we actually need instead of bogging us down with a load of junk we'll never use. Sounds great except he bounces all over the book. (he doesn't like the way it's organized) And he rarely tells you which chapter he's getting his info from. So if you forget anything, you spend alot of time looking stuff up. Alot of time.

    At about 1pm I was getting super frustrated and turning into that she bear really fast. husband came in and announced he'd finished the front yard. I said bully for him. (actually I growled it) He was whining about how hard it was to mow. I told him he might not want to let it grow as tall as my knees next time. I know I have the kid who makes extra money to supplement his disability check doing it, but husband has eyes. Obviously the kid hadn't been here. duh

    I do have to get husband credit. He wanted the toilet cleaned before he put on the new seat he bought. He didn't dare ask. Instead he announced he was heading to the store for cleaning supplies. I told him I have them already. He went anyway.

    By the time he got back I was ready to toss the chemistry book thru a window. I was having trouble with balancing oxidation and reduction equations and my book stuck all the steps together so I couldn't make heads or tails out of what the heck they were doing. I'd think I'd have it, look down the page and be lost again.:faint:

    husband walked in and got blasted with both barrels. Next thing I know, he comes back with his old chemistry book from college and gave it to me. Turned out to be a huge help because they did the equations step by step and I could see what they did.

    Later, by this time I'm doing anatomy, husband comes in after having made yet another trip to the store with tomatoes and lettuce and asked for BLT's for supper. I growled the only way I'd even think about it is if he washed the dishes that have been sitting on the counter for over a week. (by this time I was getting might sick of his interruptions)

    Then I suddenly remember I've got to do my FASFA cuz I'm registering for fall quarter this morning. So I call up easy child and ask if she can help me quick. easy child doesn't want to bother and tries to walk me thru it. The site was a major pain so I'm cursing. And husband is in the back ground saying that I didn't need to be yelling at him over and over and I blew. In the most vicious voice I have I bellowed that I wasn't even talking to HIM and to knock it off!! (husband has to make every situation about him)

    husband did the FASFA. I didn't even have to ask. lol
    And he washed the dishes, so we had BLT's for supper.

    This may not seem like a huge deal. EXCEPT that in 25 years I've only raised my voice at husband a handful of times. And only once have I ever leveled my temper on him like I did today. I usually keep it well in check even when I'm furious.

    husband is shaken.

    Oh, well. Don't poke the bear! :greedy:
  2. witzend

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    Maybe sometimes it pays to let them poke the bear! ;)


    Oh, yeah!
  3. So Tired

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    Way To Go Daisylover! Chemistry is tough! When my son needed help in his AP Chem class and I had to break out the old college text it was quite a challenge. He was suprised that it took me awhile to work thru the oxid/red equations and I told him "look, I haven't had to use that part of my brain for about 20 years!" Qudos to you for hanging in there...
  4. Star*

    Star* call 911

    I think I would have called my friend - he's recently retired from USC as a chemistry professor. He worked for a huge not to be named company for years. He said he had more joy in teaching than developing not to be named stuff. He's a neat person to hang around with.

    And I agree = sometimes it's good to poke the bear and get a swat. :surprise:
  5. meowbunny

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    That he pulled out his old chem book for you was so sweet. It really sounds like he was bending over backwards to not poke you too often. Good job husband! Good luck DL!
  6. flutterbee

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    Now you know how to get results from husband. :devil:

    You got your lawn mowed and the dishes washed in the SAME day!!!

    Good luck with your exams. :flower:
  7. Abbey

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    Ahhh...that seems as though husband is thinking of you in small sense. Guys have a weird way of showing their love.

    Good luck on the exams. Sounds like you are prepared.

    ps...Chemistry is a ball breaker.

  8. KTMom91

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    Sometimes poking the bear gets things accomplished...but I still believe it's really hard on the bear!