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Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by antsmom, Sep 27, 2007.

  1. Sunlight

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    my work recently got the latest antivirus.
    today while on the conduct disorder site for the first time from work, the antivirus warned me a few times that they detect a threat from:

    anyone know anything about this, and can the site owner check it out?
  2. Sunlight

    Sunlight Active Member

    still coming up when I go on the site.
  3. busywend

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    I will alert Cheryl to this post.

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    I appreciate that you brought this to my attention, thank you. You are right to be concerned, you can never be too careful with malware and viruses. Please be assurred that I would never add malicious programs to this site. I have no reason to think that the our server has been hacked but just to be sure there is a full scan running through the server as I type this.

    No one else has reported to me that they have experienced any similar problems so my guess is that the problem is with the new software that was recently installed on your computer. It seems that the anti-virus program is misidentifying something as an attempt to infect your computer and the warning it is producing is a false positive.

    This is the information that I found about downloader.tibs:

    N/A. Downloaders are not viruses, and as such do not themselves contain any method to replicate. However they may themselves be downloaded by other viruses and/or Trojans to be installed on the user's system.

    Many of these additionally are mass spammed by the author to entice people into double-clicking on them.

    Alternatively they may be installed by visiting a malicious web page (either by clicking on a link, or by the website hosting a scripted exploit which installs the Downloader onto the user's system with no user interaction.
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    we never had internet at the office. my use of the internet was the first time ever by anyone at my office. with it came a new antivirus called AVG./ this was all installed by an expert company we have used for decades.

    thanks for checking this out